Garden Talk (2023): Let’s Shop @Prickly Pear Nursery

I’m back for the continuation of my nursery tour. Last week, I shared with you my trip to Prickly Pear Nursery which I enjoyed a lot. If you haven’t seen it, I have the video below, never too late to catchup.

This is the same trip that I did in the nursery, but I thought it’s worth separating the outdoor and indoor tour. It’s a small place, so maybe using the word “tour” sounds silly but I’ll use it anyway. Let’s go inside and have a look on what they have.

Gardening Section

As expected, the shop have a corner dedicated to gardening. They have flowers bulbs like Tulips and Dahlia. They also have seed packets, onion and garlic bulbs, potato, planters, live tropical and I for plants, gardening tools and fertilizers. It’s a tiny shop packed with interesting items. That’s the left section when you enter the door.

This section is often the side that I check first before anything else especially if I am looking for seeds to buy. The price of the seed packets are pretty much the same as in the other stores but the prices of the bulbs and other items are more expensive in this shop. If you don’t mind paying 2-3 dollars extra then you will enjoy shopping here. Personally, I shop mostly just seed in this store if I cannot find it anywhere else. Although this is the case, I still enjoy walking around even though I do not have anything plan to buy.

Anything Under the Sun Section

Anything under the sun is what I call this section. Literally, you’ll find trinkets, souvenirs in the other side of the store. It’s a mix and match of many different items. This corner here is what I am talking about.

One area that I love is the “Happy Place” area. This area is full of homey items and nicely decorated with hanging lights.

The Organic Section

They also have section for organic items. I love this section too. They have woven baskets that will sure look great for display at home. It’s both functional and physically pleasing to the eye.

The Rainbow Section

It hard not to notice this corner with the bright vibrant color of the items here. I think this corner is new as I did not see this that last time that I was here.

Express Yourself Section:

What better say yo express yourself than having these trinkets hang on your wall. If I am not trying to purge items at home, I would have gotten one of these.

Every time I visit this shop they have something different which is one thing that I love about it. Yes it’s the same place; but it’s never the same item. Some items change based on season, and some are default items that stays all year long.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping bye. Bye 💐🌺🌸🌼.

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