[VIDEO] Delicious Chocolate Cake With White Chocolate Mousse

A decadent layered chocolate cake frosted with white chocolate mousse. This Chocolate Cake With White Chocolate Mousse fits any occasion,whatever you are celebrating, this cake will not disappoint. I make this even on an ordinary day, but today is not an ordinary day. I made this cake for my Mother’s 77th birthday who is celebrating her birthday today. I do not live with my parent anymore, but I still celebrate their birthdays where ever I am. This cake is for her. Happy Birthday Nanay.

About This Recipe

  • Ease in Making the Recipe: This is an easy chocolate cake recipe. A good introduction to making sponge cakes. Once you get the basic and concept of making a sponge cake, you are on your way to making different variations.
  • Ingredients: There is nothing unusual about the ingredients. You will need basic cake ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, egg, milk/cream, salt, baking power and pure vanilla extract. All these you can easily find in the grocery.
  • Texture, Taste & Flavor:
  • This cake has a nice soft and light crumbs, thanks to the volume that the egg white added. What I like the most about this cake is that it is not too sweet. The chocolate cake and the white chocolate mousse perfectly complemented each other. The frosting so pillowy fluffy and soft, and not too sweet.
  • Make-Ahead: You can make this ahead of time, 1-2 days. What I usually do is make the chocolate cake ahead and only make the frosting on the day that I want to serve the cake. The frosting itself is so easy to make, allocated 1-2 hrs to allow the cream to chill and then whip.
Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Mousse Frosting

I opted for a simple design. Just a layered cake with simple touch of chocolate on top but there are several ways that you can decorate this. Shaved chocolate, fresh fruits, chocolate or caramel syrup drizzled on top. Just a few that I can think of. When it cones to decorating cakes, make it your own. After all, this is your cake more than mine. Enjoy!

Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Mousse Frosting By SweetNSpicyLiving

Use it to make a trifle

If you have any leftover, you can use the cake to make a trifle. A trifle is basically a cake or some sort of soft cookie layered in a trifle glass with cream, fresh fruits, custard cream and chocolate syrup. I used my leftover cake and custard cream to make this simple trifle. Layered the cake with custard cream, whipped cream and Raspberry.

White Chocolate Mouse Chocolate Cake Triffle

How to Make This Cake

Make the White Chocolate Mousse

This is a a 2 ingredients white chocolate mouse. You will need whipping cream and good quality white chocolate bar. I recommend chocolate bars rather than chocolate chips. I normally use Lindt or the baking chocolate I buy in Sinfully The Best, a chocolateire shop where I live. Use what you have in your area. Chop the chocolate as fine as possible for easy melting. Transfer this to a microwave safe bowl and add 1/3 of the of the cream. Microwave in 30 seconds interval, stir after each interval. Repeat until the chocolate is fully melted then pour the remaining cream. This mixture need to cool, like really cold so that it whips better. refrigerate. This will take awhile, depending on how cold your refrigerator. Approximately 1-2 hrs. I suggest doing this first before anything else so that it is already cooling while you bake the cake.

Make the Chocolate Sponge Cake

For the main cake, we are making chocolate sponge cake. Sponge cakes are light, airy and delicate cakes. Sponge cakes relies on whipped egg white for volume and rise. Basically, this involves whipping the egg whites and sugar until stiff peaks.

The add the chocolate flavor, we are blooming (or dissolving) the cocoa powder with the warm melted butter. This process will enhance help dissolve the cocoa powder better and helps release a more intense chocolate flavor. The addition of coffee here will not affect the taste. The coffee also helps bring out the chocolate flavor in the cocoa powder.

The rest of the step is just adding the egg yolk, milk and dry ingredients and mixing until just combined. Add about 1/4 of the the whipped egg whites and fold until no more streaks of egg white is visible. Then pour the chocolate mixture to the remaining egg white mixture and gently fold until no more streaks of egg white is visible. It is that easy! Bake it, let it cool. You now have the base sponge cake that you can use and frost however you like. remove the cake from the pan after 5 minutes. Do not leave it cooling in the pan as steam will make the sponge wet. Cool the cake in a cooling rack. The cake need to be really cool before you ad the frosting otherwise the mousse will melt.

Decorate the Cake

You can decorate the cake to your preference. What I did was add the mousse frosting in the middle of the cake and on top. I decorated the cake with white, dark and semi-sweet chocolates. Fresh fruits are good idea too. Raspberry, Strawberry or mix or berries. Shaved chocolates are great idea too, or a drizzle of chocolate ganache or caramel sauce is a good option too.

Chocolate Cake By SweetNSpicyLiving

Tips to Remember

  1. Use room temperature Eggs: This is common thing to remember when using eggs for baking, even more if there is a creaming process involved. Room temperature eggs mix well and cream better than cold egg. Take the egg out at least 1 hr before using it. If you are baking the cake the following day, you can take the egg out overnight for use the following day.
  2. Bloom the Cocoa Powder: This means dissolving the cocoa powder in a hot liquid, in this case, butter. Blooming helps enhance the chocolate flavor of the cocoa powder.
  3. Make Sure the White Chocolate Mousse if Cold: For the white chocolate mousse to whip and be light and fluffy, the mixture MUST be cold. Be patient and wait for it to be cold before whipping.


  • 4 Egg Whites
  • 1/2 teaspoon Lemon Juice (or 1/4 teaspoon Cream of tartar)
  • 150 grams/ 3/4 cup Sugar
  • 70 grams/ 2/3 cup unsalted melted Butter
  • 40 grams/ 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • 1 tablespoon Coffee
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 90 grams/1/2 cup + 1 1/2 tablespoon All Purpose Flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 130 grams/1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon Hot Milk

White Chocolate Mousse

  • 350g/ 13 Ounces Cold Heavy Cream – ( Divided: Add 1/3 of the cream to your chocolate and the rest once cooled down)
  • 150 grams/ 4 ounces White Chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon pure Vanilla Extract

Sponge Cake Instructions:

  1. Whip the Egg Whites: In a clean glass or metal bowl beat the egg whites, with 1/2 tsp of lemon juice. Once foamy add the sugar one tablespoon at a time and whip egg whites until stiff peaks.
  2. Mix the Wet Ingredients: In another bowl mix the cocoa powder with the hot melted butter. Add the coffee, milk and the egg yolks.
  3. Wet + Dry Ingredients: Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients
  4. Fold the Whipped Egg Whites: Add 1/4 of the whipped egg whites to the cake batter. Mix until combined. Pour the chocolate batter to the remaining whipped egg whites. Gently combine both mixtures together without deflating the egg whites.
  5. Bake: Pour the batter in two greased and lined with parchment paper 8 inch pans and bake the cakes in a preheated oven at 160 °C (320 °F) for 20 – 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  6. Cool: Remove from the pan after 5 minutes. Transfer in a cooling rack and cool completely before frosting.

White Chocolate Mousse Instructions:

  1. Chop the white chocolate into small pieces, and add a third of the heavy cream and microwave in 20 seconds interval. Stir after each interval. Repeat the process until the chocolate is fully melted.
  2. Add the remaining cream. If you want to add flavoring like vanilla, rum, almond extract , this is the step to do it.
  3. Refrigerate until cold, then whip until light and fluffy.

Serves 4 – 5

Recipe Courtesy of Emma Fontanella

Mousse Cake

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information was calculated using Veryfitwell Recipe Calorie and Nutrition Calculator. For details about Nutritional Information in this website, please read the Disclaimer page.

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