Gluten Free: Quinoa Fondant Cake

Quinoa Fondant Cake

Hello there! Summer is keeping me busy enjoying outdoor activities, thus making me lazy with my baking activities. Well, here in Vancouver, we only have very short summer days. Let’s say, around 2-3 months and the rest of the year is either a little bit of shower from time to time. So, I guess I have a valid excuse for not doing a lot of baking this past few days. Although, I have to admit that today, when I made this cake, It feels good to be back to my baking again. I really miss it a LOT!

Quinoa Cake

I haven’t done any fondant cake since I made my Madeira Coconut Fondant Cake. I had been planning to make another one, but never got the chance to do it. I found the perfect opportunity to do another one again, as per my office mates request. This cake is more of a Thank You and going away cake for my office mate who is leaving the company. You would noticed that I did  not use much fondant decorating here, I wanted to keep it simple, with as little use fondant as possible as the cake on it’s own is very rich because it is a flourless cake.

Quinoa Cake Recipe

The base of the cake is a Chocolate Quinoa Cake, with Chocolate Ganache Frosting to coat the cake before covering it with Fondant. Even without the fondant, the cake on its own is very rich and dense already. This made me decide to use a thin fondant as possible. Instead of using fondant icing to decorate the cake, I made chocolate truffles/cake pops using the method I used to make my Cake Pops, then I added chocolate dripping on the side to make it more elegant.

Quinoa Chocolate Cake Recipe

The steps and ingredients of this cake is detailed in each separate recipe. Click on the text hyperlink and it will automatically direct you to the recipe. Let’s get started!



  1. Bake Chocolate Quinoa Cake. I used 6-inches round pan.
  2. Prepare Chocolate Ganache.
  3. Make Chocolate Truffle using the Cake Pops method. I used chocolate cake to make this truffles/cake pops
  4. Assemble and decorate the cake. Check my post Madeira Coconut Fondant Cake for details on how to cover cake with fondant.

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You can use any flavor of cake to make this truffles/cake pops and you can also decorate it whatever you like. Have it plain , or with sprinkles.

Quinoa Chocolate Cake Recipe

Try it and let me know how it goes. Feel free to share this recipe and let’s get the community baking!♥

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