Minoru Park, Richmond BC

Welcome to Minoru Park!♥

Location:  7191 Granville Ave, Richmond, BC V6Y 4G2, Canada
Website: http://www.richmond.ca/parks/parks/about/amenities/park.aspx?ID=68
Entrance Fee:  No

Minoru Park, Richmond BCMinoru Park, Richmond BC

The week that I got my bike, I started looking for a nearby park to go to, and this was the one that was recommended to me by a friend of mine. It was almost 8 years ago when I visited this place, that was still when I first moved here to Canada. Just like any new immigrant, I was always on the go and excited to visit the new place I chose to live. I went out almost every week, looking for places to visit.

20915279_10210423151277449_6482009235950974917_nMinoru Park, Richmond BC

Back then, I did quite a lot of volunteer works which helped me not to only kill the time and fight homesickness, but most importantly it gave me some exposure into Canadian work style. One of the event that I volunteered for was at a Kids Ballet Recital which was held in Minoru Park. That was how I got to know this place, 8 years ago. Now I am back at the same place, but this time, just to enjoy and relax.

Minoru Park, Richmond BCMinoru Park, Richmond BC

The park is not as huge as the Stanley Park, Van Dusen Park or Queen Elizabeth Park. I don’t think it is even quarter of it. This is more like a community park, it was small, but it was nice place to just sit and relax.

Minoru Park, Richmond BCMinoru Park, Richmond BC

The site have bowling greens, tennis court, basketball court, latrace baseball diamond, cricket pitch, clement track, children’s play ground and my favorite Minoru Chapel. Come with me and let me show you around.

Minor Chapel
20952997_10210423152117470_4848102850621492257_nMinoru Park, Richmond BC

Until next time, this is SweetNSpicy and my travel buddy Ms Little Red Riding Hood

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