[VIDEO] Explore British Columbia -Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

Welcome to Vancouver Waterfront ♥

There is no where else that I would like to work than in downtown Vancouver. My travel time to work is normally 45 minutes to 1 hour, which for other people could be too much hassle, but not for me. Actually, the train ride is only 25 minutes, but I need an extra 10 minutes to the station and from station to work. I don’t really mind it at all, in fact I kind of like it because I love walking. I find it very relaxing and a good way to kill time.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

The waterfront area alone, which is close to my work is a tourist attraction on its own. I will never get tired of strolling and walking in this area. Although I had been there countless times, I still cannot get enough of it. Summer is the best time to enjoy the waterfront area, perfect time to stroll, bike, eat at the park, or just sit and relax.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

Vancouver waterfront offers a fantastic views of Stanley Park, Port of Vancouver, Coal Harbour, Burrard Inlet and the beautiful north shore mountains. Walk with me as I show you around the Vancouver waterfront, and I promise you will not regret including this in your itinerary once I am done showing you around.

Vancouver Downtown WaterfrontVancouver Downtown Waterfront

Canada Place

Canada Place is the famous national landmark in Vancouver ‘s waterfront. The five white sails atop Canada Place have been a Canadian icon, a recognizable landmark around the world since 1986. Basically, one of the most photograph area at Vancouver waterfront.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

The Canadian Trail

This is located along Canada Place west promenade. The Canadian Trail is a unique walk across Canada from east to west and north to south. The Canadian Trail is divided into 13 equal sections to represent our 10 provinces and three territories, and each province and its communities are indicated in tile and colored glass. I find this area a good spot to have a nice view of the Vancouver Convention Center and the Tear Drop Statue.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

Fly Over Canada – 8 Minutes Journey Across Canada

Admission: Yes. Check Hours and Pricing for more details.

Get ready to take-off, because this 8 minutes state of the art technology is going to take you into an unforgettable 8 minutes ride of your life. In 8 minutes, you will be able to travel from east to west, and experience the most iconic locations and attractions while you hang suspended (sitting of course) and your feet dangling before a 20-meter screen showing the spectacular view of the east and west coast.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

FlyOver Canada experience definitely made me feel that I was actually up in the air. I was holding the bar so tight and was so stiff and trying not to  move so much, and I was a little bit scared. But then again, I have a fear of heights and this experience making me feel this way told me how good they made the ride feels so real.

Vancouver Convention CenterVancouver Convention Center

Vancouver Convention Center

Also located in Vancouver waterfront, this convention center opened 1987. The facility host hundreds of events all year round. The building has a very modern clean design, inside and out.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

Digital Orca

This huge Orca statue never failed to capture people’s attention, me included. The statue was designed by Douglas Coupland in 2009.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

Restaurant Strip

Getting hungry? No worries as there are various restaurants around the waterfront area, depending  on your budget. Cactus Club and Mahony and Son’s are among my favorite. They both offer good food, for the right price and offers a fantastic view of the mountains and the harbor.

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

Olympic Couldron

One of the must see statue in the waterfront area is the 2010 Olympic Couldron. The Couldron is located at Jack Poole Plaza besides Vancouver Convention Center. Although on a regular day, this is not lit anymore, it is still nice to see it and take photos of it with the mountains and water as the back drop.

Coal Harbor, Vancouver Waterfront

Coal Harbour

Right in the heart of downtown, Coal Harbour is a small neighborhood right on the edge of the water. The neighborhood is a mix of business and residential building and condo and is now a favorite location among tourist and locals to walk around.

Vancouver Downtown WaterfrontCoal Harbour, Vancouver WaterforntCoal Harbour, Vancouver WaterfrontCoal Harbour, Vancouver Waterfront

Vancouver waterfront is a must place to see when you are visiting Vancouver. So don’t skip it. Until my next adventure. This is SweetNSpicy your travel buddy! ♥♥♥

My Latest Adventure

Vancouver Downtown Waterfront

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