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Welcome to Sinfully The BEST ♥♥♥

Restaurant Name: Sinfully The Best
Website: http://www.sinfullythebest.com/
Location: #13-3993 Chatham Street, Richmond BC Canada V7E-2Z6
Hours of Operation: Everyday: 10:00 am – 6:00pm


When you name a store Sinfully The Best, you got to leave up to it, and this store definitely did. I love using that adjective “sinfully” whenever I described something so dangerously 10,000 calories delicious. So when I saw this small chocolatier store, and saw the “Sinfully”, oh oh! I immediately knew I was in trouble big time.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

The “welcome” trouble starts as soon as I walked in the store. You know why? That’s when they start offering the complimentary mousse cups, like the one in the photo above. That one is pumpkin spice which is a seasonal flavor for Fall.  They sell these mousse cups in 2 different sizes and few different flavors, I suggest you try all the differerent flavors they have. This is not the time to count calories, go and give in immediately. I did, without hesitation and it was all worth it, heaven! My favorite was the chocolate (as expected), they also have lemon, raspberry and white chocolate (if I remember correctly) and they are all go without exception. For me, this is the perfect size to enjoy mousse, although I should warn you that you would be begging for more once you try it, one is not enough.  What made it even better is the chocolate cups, everything about this treat is absolutely divine. I wish you could taste them and share my excitement.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

Every time I go to this store, it was like I was in my little heaven again. Cafe, chocolate and ice cream shop always made me feel like that. I enjoy looking around, drooling over those fancy little pastry and chocolate while I confuse myself thinking which one to try first.  The only problem with me is that I cannot eat a lot, it’s not that I don’t want to. I think my stomach shrunk considerably, too bad. But no worries, I like going back again and again to this store anyway.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

The store itself is not very big, I would say its just the perfect size for a chocolate shop like this. There are ample space to walk and check the items, and there are enough spaces to display their products without looking too cluttered. The inside of the store has a very homey feel, I guess it’s the aroma of chocolate that always makes me feel at home. It’s very neat and organize, everything is in its proper place. Although chocolate is their specialty, they also other items like cookies and jams.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

I bought a little something every time I visited this place, a little to go treat for myself and chocolates for baking which is basically the main purpose of my trip.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

The chocolates are made in-house locally, not shipped from anywhere so they are fresher. They specialized in handmade chocolates, you know those kind of cute chocolates that you would think twice eating because they are  so pretty? Like those two in the photos. The Snowman is not for sale, it was a prize for a raffle draw last year. I cannot imagine how someone could actually finish that monster chocolate snowman, but I don’t mind trying given the chance 🙂  I bet whoever won that must be over the moon crazy happy and cannot stop Instagraming the photo. I would have done the same if it was me. I guess I have to try my luck next time.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

I once bought one of those handmade chocolates and I literally kept it for months before I got the courage to break them into pieces. I also love buying them for gifts and it always gaved me pleasureto see the look in my friends faces when they saw the beautiful chocolate. Here is  the best thing, they don’t only look beautiful, the quality of the chocolates are also hands down amazing. I especially love the dark chocolate among any other, but the white chocolate and milk chocolate are great too. I am just a dark chocolate lover, by default.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

Interested in buying melting and baking chocolates? Then you just found the perfect place to get it. This is where I bought the melting chocolates that I used for my Orange Biscotti, Corn Flakes Cereals Chocolate Clusters and Spooktacular Halloween Cookies. The texture of the chocolate is very smooth and with the right consistency when melted. I did not even need to use any thinner like shortening to get the right consistency. A 500g of couverture chocolate is 16.50CAD, you can mix and match and get as many or less as you want, they can prepare it for you. I normally buy 250g dark chocolate, 150g white chocolate and 100g milk chocolate.

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC CanadaDSC_2532

They also make chocolate give away on request, for occasions like birthday, weddings, anniversary or for any holiday celebrations. Given the choice, I wouldn’t think twice giving out edible give away like these good quality chocolates. On the other hand, If I am the one on the receiving end, I would gladly receive it with arms wide open and would probably try my luck to ask for more please (no harm in trying).

Sinfully  The Best, Richmond BC Canada

So when in Steveston Village, make sure to pay them a visit. A little or maybe MORE chocolate a day can go a long way to brighten up your day. Till my next food adventure! This is SweetnSpicy, your travel buddy!

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