Let it Roll! 5 Amazing Swiss Roll Cakes for the holidays

Let’s get you rolling with these Swiss Roll Cakes ♥

I failed big time the first time I made chocolate swiss roll cake. I followed all the steps, measured the ingredients correctly and yet my swiss roll turned out to be a disaster. What does disaster means in swiss roll? Cracks here, cracks there, cracks almost every where. If not because of the frosting, all those cracks will be showing in every angle of the cake. I even convinced myself that cracks are not a big deal since it can be covered by a frosting. I was devastated, disappointed and I told myself I would never make it again. That was a spur of the moment kind of reaction, because after few months I decided to give it a try again. I did my research and I did quite a lot of reading and I was finally able make my swiss roll cake crack free! It’s not difficult at all, since then, I decided to try different variations and I was able to successfully make 4 and I am predicting there will be more to come. Swiss roll cake is not as diffcult as it seems, so don’t get intimidated by it. It’s very simple, yet very elegant and a sure crowd pleaser. Go check them out and start practicing to make them now. It’s never too early to make your cake list for the holidays. Click on the title of each cake to be directed to the recipe site. Let’s get started!

Ube Swiss Roll Cake

This is one of the most viewed swiss roll cake in my website. Ube or Purple Yam is a common ingredients in some of the dessert in the Philippines (my birth country). If you feel like trying something unique, you are in for a treat in this one. Try it!


Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

Hello chocolate! Chocolate is of course a must flavor in my swiss roll collection. Do I even have to convince you to try it? A light airy cake filled with Chocolate Ganache and topped with fresh raspberries.


Peaches and Cream Swiss Roll Cake

My first swiss roll cake. This is actually a vanilla swiss roll, filled, topped and decorated with peaches, cherries and cream. A basic swiss roll recipe, with tips and do’s and don’t to help you be successful in making swiss roll cake.


Chocolate Yule Log Swiss Roll Cake

Are you looking for a holiday cake to bake? Why  not make this Chocolate Yule Log Swiss Roll Cake? This uses the same batter as Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake, so if you’ve tried that one, this should be an easy one too. The filling is a whipped chocolate ganache, it has a lighter and fluffier texture as regular chocolate ganache I used in the Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake. The cake texture is the same soft, airy and light chiffon style cake.

Yule Log Cake

Matcha Swiss Roll Cake

If you like green tea flavor, this cake is for you. This cake has a mild matcha flavor, although you can make it stronger if you want to. The soft, airy and spongy texture combined with the creamy whipped cream and tangy fresh raspberry made this cake a must try one.



So, how would you like to roll? Try it ant let me know which one is your favorite. Enjoy!♥

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