How to Store Cookies Properly So They Last Longer

How to store cookies

Have you collected enough cookies over the holidays? I have quite a lot of cookies sitting in my kitchen counter (a heavenly sight to see, not complaining at all). Most of them were leftovers from the ones that I made as give away for friends. That’s what happened when I went crazy making cookies like there’s no more tomorrow, but not regrets  at all. I love giving DIY Holiday Edible Gifts, and I wouldn’t mind receiving the same thing either just because I love them, no further explanation needed. Sweets ranks high in my food pyramid although I know that it shouldn’t be the case, but what can I do? I just love them! So if you are in the same cookie overload situation like me, then you might find this topic helpful. I thought I’d share with you these some basic tips on how to store cookies properly so that they last longer. Let’s check them

Let cookies cool completely before storing

First of the list is a very basic and obvious one. Do not store cookie in a container or a bag while it is still hot or even warm. You should probably be thinking it’s no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning because it could easily be a trapped especially when you are in a rush. It would be much better to leave it in the counter to cool, rather than to throw it in the jar while it’s hot. The steam from the cookie will cause condensation inside the container and will make the cookie soft.

Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookie

Use the right container to store cookies

Ok, so what does right container means? For soft and chewy cookies like our favorite Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, store them in an air tight container. This will make the cookies last longer than when it is exposed or stored in a less secured container. Now, if you have crispy cookies (like Almond Lace Cookie or Biscotti) you can use less secure container like tin cans or cookie jar to store them. The cookies are protected from too much air exposure but are not trapped in a sealed container that will  make it soft.

How to keep cookies fresh longer

Some cookies are not best friends

Unfortunately, not all cookies can stand each other when stored in the same container. Soft cookies and crispy cookies cannot be stored together. The crispy cookie will end up absorbing the moisture of the soft cookies thus making it soft as well, and you don’t want that to happen. So friends, don’t mix them together unless you want to say goodbye to your crispy cookies. I did this mistake few days ago and so I learned my lesson to always remember to not do this again.

Holiday Cookie Platter

Different flavor, different container

Don’t mix and match cookies with different flavors. Cookies that have strong flavoring like ginger, mint, cinnamon etc. should not be mixed together as they can interfere and absorb each others flavor. You may end up having a new flavor that you wouldn’t be able to explain to your friends when they asked you what it is. On the other hand, cookies of the same variation and texture can be stored together. For instance, a different variation of Chocolate Chip Cookies can be stored in the same container.

How to store cookie so they last longer

Freeze them!

Freezing baked or unbaked cookie is one way to store them. I have discussed some basic information of freezing baked and unbaked cookie in my How to Freeze Cookie Dough post. Check it out when you have time, it could get very handy.

How to freeze cookie dough tips

Parchment paper please

If you need to store, move or transport delicate decorated cookies like Sugar Cookies, it is best to arrange them in a large container and put parchment paper in between layers. This will avoid the cookies to stick together and will maintain the appearance of the cookie. Don’t just throw them in the container, there are more delicate than drop cookies. Besides, we want the snowman’s face or santa’s face intact when it reach the destination.

Additional Tip, Freshen up your cookie before serving

If you are just eating the cookie one at a time at home, then it’s ok to not freshen it up. But if you plan to serve it for your guest, then few minutes in the oven will certainly do the trick of making it look like it has been freshly baked. It means pop it in the oven or oven toaster at 300F for about 2 -3 minutes but not longer. You just want to make it warm and soft, you don’t want to bake it again. Re-heating it for too long could make the soft cookie dry, or the crispy cookie too dry. But remember, re-heating is not applicable to all cookies. Frosting decorated cookies should not be re-heated to keep the decoration intact.

How to store cookie properly so they last longer

Every day that you can stretch the life of your beloved cookies matters, you keep in min these simple tips. Although in my case, they never really last that long in the container. They were gone too fast! However fast it maybe, I still think it’s very handy to know this basic information to keep the cookies in good shape, if not the best shape.

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