Vancouver Food Trip: It’s a Date @Nosh, Downtown Vancouver


Strawberry Lemon Tart at Nosh

Strawberry Lemon Tart

Spring Time is almost around the corner, and if you are in Vancouver, I have just the perfect place for you to enjoy mouth-watering dessert while you enjoy the cool breeze of spring weather in Vancouver. Spring and summer are my two favorite seasons, a perfect opportunity for me to explore more places and just chill outside. Nosh is one of my new find and that is what I like to share with you.

Nosh Cafe

I work in downtown Vancouver in the area which I considered to be perfect for almost anything. It’s close to Vancouver Waterfront which I always find a nice place to walk and unwind after a crazy busy day, it’s close to Robson, the main shopping strip, it’s surrounded by variety of restaurants from casual to high-end dining the likes of Cazba, Paramount, Cocoa 70 Eatery, Pappa Roti, Cora and more. There are also quite a lot of simple and elegant cozy cafe and ice cream places like Thierry, Laduree, variety of Frozen Treats Shops and now my recent favorite Nosh.

Mouth-watering desserts that is within your reach

Chocolate Tart at Nosh

Chocolate Tart

Nosh at Telus Garden Lobby

Nosh is a cafe owned and operated by Glowbal. It’s sort of grab and go patisserie shop located at the ground floor of Telus Garden. They serve assortment of pastries, they have light lunches, snacks and cocktail happy hour. I only discovered this place by accident, let’s just say I was totally smitten by the architecture of Telus Garden building so I decided to go inside to check it out. I ended up getting and extra reward of finding this patisserie shop that serves best quality desserts. I can only speak of the desserts because that has been my focus on all my past visits there. The salad and sandwiches look good too, maybe something that I will explore soon after I finish tackling the many mouth-watering desserts they have. The prices are above the average for the dessert, about 5.00-6.00 CAD per slice/piece but it’s totally worth it. When it comes to good quality dessert, I don’t mind paying more as long as I enjoy it. 

Just sitting in the lobby listening to calming piano music was a very relaxing thing to do

Telus Garden Building LobbyNosh at Telus Garden

One thing that made my visit experience in this place better is the ambiance of the place itself. Yes, it is located in a business building but the building itself has the elegance of a fancy hotel. The Telus Garden opened September 2015 which made it a pretty new building. It has a very unique, modern and elegant architecture inside and out. The Telus lobby where Nosh is located has a small indoor man-made pond with real live fishes. There is a piano stationed in the lobby, and from time to time, there is pianist taking turns to entertain people. Just sitting in the lobby listening to calming piano music was a very relaxing thing to do. The lobby have quite a few scattered comfortable chairs and tables. Although Nosh itself have their own allocated sitting area, people are allowed to take the food outside of the sitting area, which we sometimes do.

Red Velvet Cake at Nosh

Red Velvet Cake

We feast with our eyes even before we eat it 

Nosh Patisserie

One of the thing that never fails to capture my attention when it comes to food is the presentation and appearance. Even in my blog, food presentation is something that I take seriously. We feast with our eyes even before we eat the food, so appearance and presentation counts as much as the taste. The desserts at Nosh are very elegantly presented, top quality in terms of taste, and very pleasing and inviting in terms of appearance. But looks and presentation is not enough, as the taste is what seals the deal for me. The dessert taste as good as it looks and more than what I expected from a patisserie shop in a business building.

Pistcahio Cake at Nosh

Pistachio Cake

These are just the many few of their heavenly treats, I cannot wait to go back there again, and again, again. Who cares about calories when I am looking at this beautiful desserts? Well, at least not me. Life is short, east dessert first. So if you are in downtown Vancouver, stop by at Nosh and pay them a visit. Until my next food trip adventure, this is SweetNSpicy, your foodie buddy.

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