Explore Alberta: Summer Fun at Lake Louise

Summer at Lake Louise Alberta

I’m going to take you back to Lake Louise today. Yes, the same Lake Louise I featured in my winter post but in this post it will be the summer in Lake Louise, and I’m telling you now you wouldn’t even recognize its the same place, unless of course you’ve been there.  

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of the top attractions in Alberta, but is more so visited during the summer. I personally like the feel and view of the place during summer, but seeing it during the winter is a totally different experience. I’m lucky enough to have good friends who took me to the place during the winter and summer seasons, and I personally recommend that if you can and you have the luxury to do it, then go for it. The water in Lake Louise during the summer is unbelievably beautiful! It’s crystal clear and has an emerald blue color. The mountain backdrop with the sun glistening in the water is truly magnificent.

Lake Louise Alberta

It’s looks unreal that this was the same place where I was standing when we visited during the winter. Just to show the comparison, look at the photo below. The same hard ice floor where we were walking and running around like kids were the same water view that you see in the right photo. And the same place were people are boating too! Crazy, right? It only shows how cold it could be in this place during the winter for it to harden like than enough for people to even place hockey or run around. 

Lake Louise, Alberta CanadaLake Louise Alberta Canada

This spot here is the most photograph area regardless of the season, which makes sense. Just look at that stunning view! The only drawback of visiting this area is there really nothing else to do, this is basically it, but I would still say it’s worth it. This and the Banff normally goes together in one trip so it’s not really a waste of time, a view as beautiful as this is always worth seeing. Although it would require long hours of driving getting there, you would only need 1 – 1/2 hours to see the place assuming your only doing sightseeing and no actual activities like hiking, fishing etc. 

Summer at Lake Louise Alberta Canada

Regardless if you visit winter or summer, going to Lake  Louise is always a trip worth doing. When you’ve at least visited Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper you could  really say that somehow (because there’s a lot more too see) you’ve seen the natural beauty that Alberta has to offer.

Summer at Lake Louise

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