Explore Alberta: Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta Canada

Welcome to Waterton Lakes National Park!

Waterton Alberta Canada

Today I am going to take you to the beautiful Waterton Lakes and National Park in Alberta, Canada. I hope you are not yet tired of seeing my post about my trips to Alberta, because I have more to come.  Yes, a lot more to come as I had been going back and forth in this beautiful province for countless times now. I stopped counting, because I know I will be going back there again and again anyway.

Waterton Alberta

The province breath-taking view is not the only reason I kept coming back to Alberta (Calgary to be specific). It is also because of my good and hospitable friends who live there, who never failed to made me feel welcome.  All the amazing places I am going to share with you will not be possible without my friends who were kind enough to show me around and let me stay at their home. Just last summer I was there for a visit and we went to Canmore for a day trip. I have a separate post dedicated for that, Exploring Nature in Canmore, Alberta. If you have time, kindly check it out.

Vacation to Waterton Alberta Canada

We started our trip from Calgary were my friends live. The travel time was around 2-3 hours (just an estimate), it could be more or less depending on your exact location. We left early morning, around 7:00 – 8:00 am and we were there around 10:00 am. We only stayed there for maybe 1 hour, more like a stop over before we head to the picnic ground , Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls which were the main reason of the trip.

Waterton Alberta Canada

We went to the Upper Waterton Lake area and I was really impressed and I cannot even find words to express how I feel. The view from where we were was spectacular and unbelievably breath-taking. Look at the water and the mountain views! There’s no touch up in these photos, so whatever you see is what I actually saw when I was there. The clear changing color of water and the nice mountain view was on its own worth the time of stopping at this place. If you have more time to spend, there are boat cruises that are available in the area. That will an even better way to explore the lake and a different way and angle to appreciate the view.

Waterton Alberta

I will never get tired of going back to Alberta, there’s just so much things to do and explore and every adventures experiences were different. Summer experience was one of the best, but experiencing attraction in Alberta during the winter also offered a different perspective and appreciation of the place. So whether you decide to visit the place summer or winter, there will be something for you to do. Explore and have fun.


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Thank You for joining me in reminiscing beautiful memories in this beautiful place. Until my next travel adventure, this is SweetNSpicyLiving, your travel buddy.


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