[VIDEO] Small Batch Bite Size Apple Pie

Sometimes, mini’s are better than biggies 🙂 Like for the case of the apple pie. They are perfectly bite size, perfectly flaky and perfectly deliciously fall! So good 🙂 Let us watch how I made this Mini Apple Pie

Mini Apple Pie

Minis are my preference when it comes to apple pie dessert. I know the bigger the better goes for most dessert, but when it comes to apple dessert, I like mine bite size like this one here. I find too much apple filling overwhelming, so for the longest time I have avoided eating apple pie. The big slice of apple pie with overflowing apple filling is just too much for me to appreciate.

Bite Size Apple Pie recipe By SweetnSpicyliving

I know a lot of people like it big and I respect that, or j should say admire them for that. I wish I could have it that way, but believe me when I say I tried several times and I always ended up not happy while eating it. For me, food is meant to be enjoyed. So I thought, I don’t have to totally forget apple pie for the rest of my life, all I need to do is to customize it to my preference, and this is where this bite size apple pie comes in. 

Apple Pie Mini

They are small, true, but I find thy the proportion of crust and the small amount of filling is just perfect for me to appreciate this dessert. I get to enjoy the buttery crust and the sweet and tangy fest apple filling inside. It’s small in size, but it’s big in flavor. I wouldn’t have this any other way, bite size is my perfect size and portion and I encourage you to give it a try. You would love it too. 

Small Batch Mini Apple Pie

The Crust:   you can use Homemade Pie Crust or Store-bought whichever you choose it will be great. 

The Filling: I used my simple and easy Homemade Apple Cinnamon Filling, check it out and give it a try. But, you can also use store bought if you like, I’m just saying Apple Filling are so easy to make and you get to use fresh apples too. It’s crunchy and sweet and it doesn’t have any preservatives. 

The Pan: I used a mini muffin pan for this. You can also use a regular size muffin pan, it will be bigger and will require more filling and pie crust. You can easily double the crust recipe and the apple filling when you make it. 

The Cookie Cutter: I used 2 1/4 inch cookie cutter which fits perfectly to cover the mini muffin pans.  
Ok, now we are ready to tackle this simple recipe. Let’s get started! 

Mini Apple Pie By SweetNSPicyLiving


  • 1 Batch of Pie Crust – I used my homemade Pie Crust. Watch the video to see how easy it is to make.
  • 1/2 cup Cinnamon Apple Filling – checkout the link for the full recipe. I have a full separate video for that on too.


  1. Make the Pie Crust and Cinnamon Apple Filling.
  2. Roll the pie crust and cut 24 pieces of 2 1/4-inch size. I used a cookie cutter to do this, you can also use the bottom of small glass. 12 pieces for the bottom and remaining 12 pieces to cover each pie.
  3. Line the bottom of each muffin tins with a piece of dough and make sure you place it properly so each one comes up the sides. To avoid the dough from shrinking, the size of the dough should be slightly bigger than the diameter of the muffin tin. Also, do not stretch the dough, this could cause shrinking.
  4. Add a little filling in each one,  cover each one with another piece of dough. Pinch all the sides and use a fork to seal together so both pieces of dough meet. Make a small slit on top of each pie, this will allow the steam to release.
  5. Chill in the freezer for at least 15 minutes. You can also freeze this for 2-3 months. No need to thaw before baking, add 5 – 8 minutes in baking time if baking it from frozen state.
  6. Bake at 375F oven for 20 – 25 minutes or until the crust has turned brown and flaky.

Makes 12 mini pieces

Small Bacth Apple Pie By SweetnSpicyLiving

Other Fall Favorites:

This simple and easy homemade Cinnamon Apple Filling is one thing that you should always have specially during Fall. It’s perfect for pie, turnover, muffins and tarts.

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