Vancouver Christmas Market 2016


Welcome to Vancouver Christmas Market!♥


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas , Ev’rywhere you go …. Indeed it is! 18 days to go and its Christmas. Holiday activities and events are happening here and there, so suit up and let’s go visit them!  I actually have a list of the ones that I would like to go to, some of them are free, and some of them have minimal fees like the Vancouver Christmas Market.


First in my list is Vancouver Christmas Market. This made it to my top list because  there’s quite a lot things that I find interesting. They have food and drink stalls, christmas gifts stalls, entertainment, photo booth and kids activities too.


Carousel Ride

The location is very convenient to me, its walking distance from my office, and they start as early as 11:00am and end as late as 9:00pm. I bought a season pass ticket (multiple entry) for only $8.00, not bad at all. I already went back there more than once and tried different food every visit. The venue this year is bigger, and they have more vendors participating in this event.


The Nutcrakers

Let me show you what I tried, what to get and what to avoid. Let’s get started!

Chimey Cake : Pastry dough coated with sugar and stuffed with your choice of Nutella or Lemon Curd. This is my favorite item in this market. I have to warn you though, if you go on weekends given that it is a nice day, the line up is really long. I got this during lunch time so I only have to wait for 5 minutes as compared to 30 minutes. The dough is freshly baked and hot, both the filling options are great, but if you want to try both but do not want to buy 2, tell them half and halh filling instead.  Price : $7.00 Toppings: Sugar and Cinnamon OR Almonds Filling: Nutella or Lemon Curd


Chimney Cake with Almond Toppings and Nutella and Lemon Curd Filling

I got half and half filling with Almond as toppings, but I like the Lemon Curd filling better as it complements the sweet bread. Nutella is fine, but put very little that you cannot even taste it.

I Love Chocolate : Fruits, Cream Puff and Marshmallow Skewers dipped in dark chocolate fondue. It was ok, but not great. The chocolate did not taste like dark chocolate to me though and the fruits are not as fresh. I find the price quite high for the quality of the desert. Price : 7.50 each or 3 for $19.00

Olga Capone Cannoli Co : Cannoli field with Ricotta Cheese , cream, cinnamon and chocolate chips. I liked the pastry bread, its very crunchy but not hard. It is deep fried but it doesn’t feel too greasy and oily. The filling is ok, but not exceptional, although my friends like this a lot. Price : 4.50 each or 3 for $ 12.00



Pork Hock : Roasted Pork. I did not get the chance to try this, but its worth mentioning here as this is one of the busiest store during weekends,  as in crazy long lineup. There’s separate line for ordering and pickup, so make sure you are in the correct line. Price: with Bun only $8.50; Half size with bread $9.50; Full Size 19.50.


Pork Hock

Gulash Haus: Soup in a Bread Bowl. This could have been better with salt and hot sauce. It taste bland , its missing flavor and spices to me. Options: Beef Stew and Vegetable Stew ; Price : Beef Stew $11 + $2 if served in a bread; Vegetable  Stew $9.00 + $2 if served in a bread. If you like  them in facebook, you get the bread FREE!


Beef Stew and Vegetarian Stew in Bread Bowl

Chocolate Tools: Assorted chocolates shape in tools, shoes, handbags, skulls, lipsticks , shirt, animals etc. Price: Depends on the item and size. I bough the Bolt and Screw for $3 each, and the Sheep. The quality of the chocolate is pretty good, and it should be because it is quite pricey.


Bolt , Nut and Screw


Chocolate Sheep

Cured Meat and Cheese : Aside from cured meat and cheese, they also sell thin crust pizza. We tried the Vegan Pizza and German Prosciutto Pizza. The German Prosciutto is better than the Vegan, but both of them are not exceptionally good. Its a little bit bland to me and lack a lot of taste I normally like in Pizza. I find it too expensive for the taste and quality. Price : $9.00


German Prosciutto

German Prosciutto : The only thing that gave taste to this pizza is the prosciutto. Without this meat, it will be completely tasteless. The bread is thin, but its hard and gummy rather than the normal soft and crispy think crust flatbread pizza.

Vegan Pizza: I wouldn’t buy this again. Its tasteless and bland. I had eaten a Vegan Pizza before and it doesn’t  have to be tasteless. The tomato sauce at the bottom seems like out of the can sauce, no taste at all. I wouldn’t recommend it at all. Its expensive too for $9.00.


Vegan Pizza

Handbhot and Soup : The store specialized in soups and freshly baked bread stuffed with meat and cheese. The bread is made an baked onsite, so you get them fresh and hot from the oven. We only tried the Vegan Chickpea Thai Curry Soup. It was deliciously! Just the right spice and heat. I definitely recommend this soup. Price : $6.00 soup only, they also offer soup and sandwich combo.


I went to this place 6 times (4 weekdays and 2 weekends), yes that much. Every time I went there, I was hoping to get something really good, so I kept on coming back. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing exceptional about any of the foods that they have.  I know It may not sound fair because I haven’t tried every single item that they have there. My opinion is only based on the items that I have tried. It was a little bit disappointing, but I wouldn’t say I did  not have fun going there. It was fun visiting this place with my friends and trying new food. I did not like the food as much, but you could end up liking it. So, I still  encourage you to go, the entrance fee is not that expensive anyways. Would I go back there again next year? Yes. I am always hopeful that there will be new food to try, and maybe they will have better food next year , at least now I know which one to try and which one to avoid. Signing off now! Until my next food adventure. This is SweetNspicy, your travel buddy.

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