2017 Spotlight: Today, My Blog Turns 1!


I had always and will always be forever thankful that I had been blessed with a career in IT. This is what helped me to be where I am today and to have what I have now that used to be just a dream to me. This is the career that led me to meet amazing people, not just as teammates, but as friends and family. 

If not IT, then what?

From time to time, I still asked myself what I would like to do if not IT. I already knew the answer, but it feels good to answer it over and over again and day-dream on it actually happening. Right of the bat, I knew the answer is “Pastry Chef”. That would be my ideal job, kind of dream come true to me. You probably know the feeling of doing something you love so much that you don’t even feel it’s work. That’s how I think of it. I cannot imagine the excitement of waking up everyday and looking forward to go in the kitchen and be surrounded with pastries, cakes, cupcakes and chocolates. How about the smell of freshly baked bread and decadent chocolates as I walk into the room?  That would be my heaven on earth!

To blog or not to blog

Culinary industry is a tough place to penetrate. Just like any other profession, it requires a lot of work experience and training, not to mention actual schooling to learn the basics. I wanted so much to explore this profession, but the reality is,  I cannot have both world of IT and Culinary. Perhaps a part-time job? That would give me exposure and hands on training and that would be a very productive way to spend my free time.

I never had any formal schooling, whatever I learned, I learned it on my own.  How do I get my foot in the door? One year ago, a friend suggested and urged me to start my own blog. A food blog that will showcase my passion for food and photography. It sounded time-consuming, and the idea doesn’t seem appealing to me at that time. It’s just too much work, that was my first reply. My friends never gave up, and after few times of bringing up the subject, I finally gave in. Ok, why not. I started one entry at time and one year later, I had published more than 200 posts in my website. I started with my Sweet section, expanded to Spicy section, and now I am also starting to build my Travel section. I completely got hooked and addicted to it. It turned out to be the best thing I accomplished last year. It became part of my daily routine, it became part of my life, it became me. I started this blog with the intention of using it to show my portfolio when applying for part-time job in food industry. I was able to used it once for that reason, but now, I am maintaining it not for any other reason, but just because I love doing it!

One year older

For someone like me who prefer to keep my interaction with people in a minimum level, my blog became a mechanism to communicate and reach out to people. It’s kind of one way though, which worked great for me. Through my blog, I celebrated friendship, birthday, anniversary and almost any occasion I can find out there. I send my “virtual cakes” to friends celebrating special occasion, which could be torture because they can only see it but not eat it. But it was great, and I am loving it so much. Today my blog turns 1-year-old, yes! I survived the first year and I am looking forward to celebrating more sweet and spicy years with you. Thank you for stopping by, thank you for taking few minutes of your precious time to read my blog. Thank you for sharing it with your friends, thank you for allowing me to post in your Facebook page, Thank you for telling your friends about it. Thank You!

Believe …

I cannot say thank you enough to those people who encouraged me to do this. I will forever be grateful to them for believing in me, and for helping me believe in myself too. Cheers!!

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Quote of the Day

“Great things happen when you believe” ~ SweetNSpicy


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