Explore British Columbia – Richmond: Iona Jetty – Let’s Go Biking!

Welcome to Iona Jetty Biking Trail, Richmond BC ♥


  • Trail name: Iona Jetty
  • Address: 900 Ferguson Road, Richmond, BC V7B 1W7, Canada
  • Distance:  Approximately 20 km
  • Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Iona Beach Regional Park

I lived in Richmond for years and never heard of  the Iona Beach. Although even if I’ve heard of it before, I wouldn’t be able to go there because there is no public transportation that goes directly to the area. The closest stop will be a station close to the airport, and from there, your on your own. I wouldn’t encourage walking, because it’s about 5 km from the station to the beach.

Iona Beach Regional Park

Luckily, I started riding my bike this year. I felt more comfortable and confident being on the road, and sharing the road with other vehicles. Thanks to my friends who encouraged me to go for it and who were so patient looking after me and teaching me. I was able to go with them in short bike ride after work, and one of our bike ride is to  “The Jetty” in Iona Beach National Park. The total ride is 20 km, starting from Canada Line Sky Train Templeton Station. Canada Line is what we call the train that starts from Richmond, BC and ends in downtown Vancouver. There are two lines, the one that stops at Brighouse station and the one that continue to YVR airport. The later  is the line that goes to Templeton station.

Iona Beach Regional Park

The Jetty (the breakwater) is an 8 km bike ride into the ocean! Yes, the bike path is right into the water (4km one way), it was amazing! Everywhere I look there’s water surrounding me, the view was phenomenal. The gravel path are slightly challenging, although there is a smooth area at the edge which is the better path to follow if you are confident in your biking skills and balance. I took that side from time to time, but when it gets too open, I returned back to the middle. The last thing I would want to happen to fall into the waters, that wouldn’t be fun. 

Iona Beach Regional ParkIMG_4463

At the far end, there’s a small look out area, a perfect spot to take photos and admire the view of the water, and the air planes passing by. If you get lucky you could even spot sea-lion and herons.

Iona Beach Regional Park

Less than 1 kilometer from the Jetty entrance, you can stop by at Iona Beach before going back to the starting point. The beach is a perfect place to watch sunset or birds like Heron. This is not a swimmable beach though, there are a lot of branches in the sand, and the water are more like a marshland.

Iona Beach Regional Park

This beach is best to be enjoyed just for watching the view. There are also no picnic tables, but there are some big wood tree trunk that you can sit, but definitely nothing comfortable to lay out food if you have some. If you want to do layout some food on the table, you can do that at the entrance of the Jetty Bike Ride Trail. You just have to be fast, as there is only 1 picnic table there.

IMG_4480Iona Beach Regional Park

It was definitely a nice ride, nice view and what made it even better are my biking friends. I’ll surely miss this place, but I will definitely go back as soon as the weather permits. Until my next biking adventure. This is SweetNSpicy your travel buddy.

Iona Beach Regional Park

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