Explore British Columbia – Richmond: Steveston Village, There’s More Than Just Fish and Chips

Welcome to Steveston Village!♥

Location: Bayview St, Richmond, BC V7E 6K7, Canada
Website: https://stevestonharbour.com/welcome/about/
Hours of Operation:

Steveston Village, Richmond BC

I am one of those people who fell in love with Steveston Village the moment that I visited the place. This is one of the must see place when you visit Richmond, BC Canada or if you happen to be in nearby city such as Vancouver. In fact, I personally consider this as the main tourist attraction in Richmond, not to be biased but I really do love this place. I like the fact that the area is not too big and that it is very much accessible to public transportation. It is very walkable, has variety of small restaurant, cafe, pastry shop, walking and biking path. Depending on what time to the day you visit the place, there are activities and places that will keep you busy. Let’s take a look on what we can do here.

Fisherman’s Wharf

I like walking around this area during this summer. Although I don’t buy as much fresh seafood, (except for shrimp from time to time) I like walking around and watching what they have new in the market. There are also quite a lot of restaurants around the area, some boutique and ice cream shops.

Steveston Village, Richmond BC

Aside from dining , fresh catch seafood are one of the reason people visit Steveston Village. They have fresh live crabs, fish, shrimps that are caught by the local fishermen. A better option rather than buying something frozen from the groceries.

Fisherman's Wharf at Steveston Village, Richmond BC

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Fisherman's Wharf at Steveston Village, Richmond BC

Also known as the Monster Cannery, is now a National Historic Site operated by Parks Canada, and offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. During Fall and Winter season, the building is used as a venue for Sunday Market which I love to visit from time to time.

Gulf of Georgia CanneryGulf of Georgia Cannery

Fishing Boats at Steveston Dock

Steveton Village is not the same without thise fishing boats and fishi docks. I will never get tired of watching this view, most especially during the sunset time. I always find walking in this area very relaxing. The scenery is great, the place is not too crowded and it’s most of the time quite even during the busy summer days.

IMG_9522Steveston Village, Richmond BC

Fish’n’ Chips and More

Steveston Village, Richmond BC

If there is one thing that Steveston Village is famous for, it’s the seafood, fresh and cooked! Fish and Chips please! Yes, most of the restaurants along the wharf offers Fish and Chips, but the one that I mostly visit for casual and more relax outdoor dining is the Pajos. I like the casual setting and patio sitting, it maximizes the good summer weather. They serve salmon, cod and halibut fish and chips and some other stuff. But fish and chips are the ones that they are famous for. It’s really fresh and hot when they serve it to you. They cook it when you order it so you don’t have to worry of getting a soggy or dry fish and chips. It’s reasonably price, and the size is decent for the price they are charging.

Pajos Fish and Chips, Steveston Village

There’s more than just fish and chips in Steveston. The place also offers a lot of other choices when it comes to food if you feel like a more cozy indoor dining. Just walk around and you will surely find something to your liking.

Steveston Village, Richmond BCSteveston Village, Richmond BC

Cool off  at Timothy’s Cafe

Gelato, Sorbetto, Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt. They got it all and they are a MUST whenever I visit this place.

Timothy's Cafe at Steveston Village, Richmond BC

Summer without ice cream is not the same, regardless which place I visit. One of the most visited ice cream place in the fisherman’s wharf area is Timothy’s Cafe, located few steps away from Fisherman’s Wharf.

Timothy's Cafe at Steveston Village, Richmond BC

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt, Steveston Village

The cafe is famous for their Mario’s gelato, they also have sorbetto, ice cream and frozen yogurt. One bonus treat from this place is their freshly made waffle cones. They made the cone when you order your ice cream, I can still feel the cone hot in my hands. You can mix and match all those 4 options, the choice is yours. Just one thing to remember, no credit card please. They only accept cash in this store, so don’t forget to bring cash when you visit this place.

Timothy's Cafe at Steveston Village, Richmond BC

 Sunday Farmers Market

Steveston Sunday Farmers Market

If you happen to visit Steveston during the summer, stop by for their Sunday Market. This is one regular summer event that I like attending. They offer great, fresh and locally produced fruits and vegetables, and there also variety of vendors selling ready to eat dessert and savory meals. The Sunday market is a year round activity, but the venue varies depending on the season. For fall and winter season, they normally do it inside the Georgia Cannery building.

Sinfully The Best Fine Foods Ltd.


If you are a chocolate lover like me, you are in for a treat. Stop by at Sinfully The Best (STB) located at #13-3993 Chatham St, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z6, Canada, they are open daily from 10:00am – 6:00pm. The store specializes in Artisan Chocolates, Fine Foods & Gift. I could personally say that the quality of their chocolates are really good. There are times when I visited Steveston just to go to this store to buy chocolates for my baking. In fact, this is where I bought the chocolate that I used for my Corn Flakes Cereals Chocolate Clusters. A really good quality chocolates worth your money.

The Sweet Spot

A small quaint Paris quality cafe located 1 block away from Sinfully The Best (STB). Although small, this cafe offers amazing sweet dessert as well as savory items.

White Chocolate Mousse, Passion Fruit Creme and Chiffon Cake

Sunset Watch at Garry Point Park

Garry Point Park is 12 minutes away from Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf. Depending on what time I visit and leave Steveston, I could go to Steveston first then end at Garry Point Park or vice versa. Garry Point Park is my favorite place to watch sunset during summer. The open water space makes the sunset even amazing as the reflection hits the water. The place is not crowded, it’s quiet and it has a lot of spot to sit while watching the sunset. Quite a lot of people visit this place just to wat the sunset, and to eat at Pajos or have an ice cream at Timothy’s. If you are still in the area by sunset  time, be sure to visit this place for an amazing breathtaking view that is guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Garry Point Park, Steveston VillageIMG_9551

This area is also used a venue for Tall Ship Festival during the summer. There are food trucks offering variety of foods and some activities for the kids and adults which includes boarding the tall ship docked in the area.

Tallship Festival at Steveston Village

So next time you are in Richmond, stop by at Steveston Village. Enjoy some fish ‘n’ chips, ice cream, fresh catch seafood, and go on and pamper yourself with a little bit of shopping here and there. Until my next adventure! This is SweetNSpicy your travel buddy!

I hope I inspired you to visit this place. If you like this post, kindly click on the “Like” button or share this with your friends and family. Thanks!♥

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