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Location:  Bristish Columbia, Canada
Website https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/
Hours of operation:  Click on Hours of Operation for more details
Entrance Fee: Yes. A round trip fare cost 44.95 CAD per person. Click on Ticket for more details.


Here comes winter!! Cold, cold, cold weather that made me want to stay home and just watch Netflix all day long. We’re lucky here in Vancouver because our winter is not as brutal as other provinces in Canada. Vancouver has the mildest cold weather during winter. We get snow from time to time, maybe around 3-4 times throughout the winter season, not too bad. Actually, that’s more than just not being too bad, that’s amazing. In some provinces in Canada (like Alberta), snow starts falling as early as October and that could last maybe until March.

Whistler, BC Canada

Here in Vancouver, sometimes we don’t even get snow until Jan, which means very rarely do we have white Christmas. If there’s one day that I wish it would snow, I wish it to be on Christmas day. I always like the idea of white Christmas where everything is white and the snow is falling, and sight of beautiful dancing colorful lights and the sound of cheeful Christmas carols. Just because we don’t have much snow in the lower mainland, doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy it, at least for a day.

Whistler, BC Canada

Whistler is around 1 – 1 1/2 hour away from downtown Vancouver, so if you have a car that would be better, but it doesn’t mean that this place is not accessible for someone who doesn’t drive. There are shuttle and bus tour services that operates in this area that are reasonable priced. I took this option every time I visit the place and I stay there the whole day. Since this is a lot farther than Grouse Mountain, I don’t get to visit this as often as I would like to. Most of the time, I go here with friends who are visiting and wants to see the place.


I’ve been here both summer and winter (just like Grouse Mountain) and the view at the top never failed to amazed me. I find that there are more things to do in Grouse Mountain for someone who do not do any winter sports. But that doesn’t mean that you should skip seeing this place. If you like gondola ride, the Whistler Peak to Peak is a one that you must try. It’s definitely longer and the view, oh the view is fantastic!


For me, the experience of going back there is always different depending on who I am with. The first time I visisted it, it’s about the place, but after that more of the company I am with. Since I don’t do any winter activities, I mostly just roam around the area, enjoy the breathtaking scenery and of course, eat. What else is better than having a nice meal on nice cold winter day (cold weather makes me feel hungry, always!). Unlike Grouse Mountain, Whistler has more shops and restaurants to keep me busy, they even have a mini theatre that shows real movie. I like going around to boutique and shops, and to find new restaurant to try. During summer, it is a must for me to stop at my favorite gelato shop. That place is always on my itinerary whenever I visit Whistler.

Whistler, BC Canada

If you do winter sports, then winter activities will be the highlight of your visit. If you don’t do winter activities, the Peak to Peak Gondola ride will be the highlight of the day. The ride is about 22 minutes round trip, and will give you outstanding an amazing view of the snowy mountain. The Peak to Peak gondola ride is considered as an iconic attraction on its own in Whistler. For people who do winter activities, this is mostly just a means to get to the top and ski or snowboard down. For someone who doesn’t do any winter sports, this gondola ride is to have the unique experience and a chance to marvel on the beauty of the mountain and slopes in the best angel and location possible. The peak to peak gondola ride is the best opportunity to admire the surrounding and appreciate winter in Whistler. Whether you ski or not, it’s worth visiting Whistler. Guaranteed you will have fun. I cannot wait to go back to this place again.

Whistler, BC Canada

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