[VIDEO] Explore BC Canada: Boating at Sechelt, Sunshine Coast

Today I am sharing with you a day trip that I did my friends at Sechelt, British Columbia. For those of you who are new to my blog, I live in British Columbia (BC), Canada. I immigrated here 13 years ago and since then, this is now what I call home. I love travelling and hope to share my escapades with you. I only have few travel post in my website, but I have a lot of backlog posts that I want to share with you. A lot of them a international and also Canada wide travel. I stopped travelling since pandemic happened and had only been doing British Columbia travel which I am very thankful I had the chance to do. I am so focused on exploring international travel that I forget we have so many beautiful places here in BC. Anyway, let’s talk about Sechelt,BC

Where is Sunshine Coast Located?

The Sunshine Coast is a 180 km stretch of paradise that’s tucked into the southwest corner of mainland British Columbia. The shoreline stretches from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound and is accessible only by ferry, boat, or plane.

We have a friend that moved to Sechelt during the peak of pandemic. They bought a waterfront house and decided to love there for good. This is the main reason why we decided to visit Sechelt more than anything else. This was my 2nd visit this year. We visited early Spring and it ended up raining most of the time we were there. We got to do some food trip and a nice hike but nothing beats Summer weather so we pledge to go back during Summer and that is what this post is all about.

We took a 9:50 am sailing on a Saturday. We got lucky we made it to that sailing even though we arrive only 10 minutes before the sailing time. The sailing took only 40 minutes to get to Langdale Terminal in Gibsons. This is the terminal where the ferry stops at the end. From there we went to our friends house and we all went to Light House Marine Pub Restaurant where we ha sour lunch before we head for a 2 1/2 hr boating.

Sechelt Light House Marine Pub Sunshine Coast

Lighthouse Marine Pub

This restaurant is located at xxx, which is about 30 -35 minutes away from the Ferry and just 10 minutes away from my friends house. The pub was a waterfront restaurant with an amazing patio over looking the water. This is also the same area where the float plane terminal is located. You can take. plane from Downtown Vancouver to this place.

(L) Veggie Burger, (M) Coconut Chicken Burger, Seafood Hot Pot Curry, (R) Pile Driver Burger

The restaurant was pretty busy when we got there. They have a large sitting area in the patio and most people took the opportunity to sat outside to enjoy the beautiful view and the warm weather.

The restaurant was still short staffed so the orders and billing out takes quite some time. Good thing the weather was very beautiful that day and sitting outside with the amazing view makes the wait tolerable. There was 7 of us and we ordered quite a combination of different food. I ordered the Hot Pot Seafood Coconut Curry with Basmati Rice , some ordered Pile Driver Burger, Chicken Coconut Burger, Veggie Burger and Fish Tacos.

The Boat Ride

Boating at Sechelt
Boat Launch

Boat Launch

After lunch, past 2PM, we headed down to the water to start our boat ride. My friend owns a 7 seater boat enough to sit all of us plus his lovely border collie dog Gypsy. She has become a group dog, she’s very friendly, playful and absolutely energetic. We love her so much.

Sechelt Boating

Meet the Seals

We started slow, David (our host) slowly showed us around the area. We saw a lot of seal along the way. it was such a lovely day for a boat ride, it was it too hot, in fact, it was quite cold when we got to the water. Thanks to the life vest I felt warm the entire time.

Meet Gypsy

We stayed in the water for about 2 1/2 hrs, headed back at around 4PM ready for our next adventure, and a MUST thing to do for me.

I thought I should introduce you to Gypsy as you will be seeing her in most of our Summer activity. Gypsy is 4 years old, she’s a border collie dog. As I mentioned, she’s playful, friendly, energetic and absolutely adorable. She love to play with the ball and doesn’t seem to get tired. She runs like crazy fast, and her reflex was outstanding. She is a very behaved dog. She’s used to going to the boat but she seems scared when the boat gets too fast

It’s Ice Cream Time

After the long boat ride, it’s time for an ice cream! We went to e.b.S Ice Cream shop which is known for the best ice cream in town. It was a small food truck parked in front of the waterfront. Another amazing view to enjoy our ice cream. Right in front is a short walk way towards the water. We went down there to finish up our ice cream. It was a rice on time, the ice cream was melting so fast with the hot weather and strong wind. But, it was worth it.

ok, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do. Until my next adventure. Bye now!

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