[VIDEO] Explore BC Canada: Wormy Lake Trail @ Sunshine Coast, Sechelt BC

Today I am taking you to a hike and food trip at Sunshine Coast, BC. This was my first visit in this area and the main purpose was to visit our friend who recent moved there. I always call it “island” because you can only reach it via a ferry, boat or a plane but apparently it is not an island. We have several Vancouver Island, Victoria being one of the most popular one. I thought I should mention it just to get it out there as I might be referring to it as an island when actually it is not.

We took the BC Ferry ride to get to Sunshine Coast. The ferry ride is a short 40 minutes ride that ends in Langdale Terminal in Gibsons. It was a very convenient ferry ride, the ferry was clean and it has cafeteria inside.

We stopped by in the grocery on our way to my friends house to buy some house warming gifts. We ended up getting flowers and a gift card along with the baked goods I made for them.

Where is Sunshine Coast Located?

The Sunshine Coast is a 180 km stretch of paradise that’s tucked into the southwest corner of mainland British Columbia. The shoreline stretches from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound and is accessible only by ferry, boat, or plane.

Explore Sechel in Sunshine Coast, BC

Sechelt (ch’atlich) in Sunshine Coast is located on the traditional territory of the shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation. It’s the name of a people, a community, a peninsula, and an inlet.

The community of approximately 10,847 people sits on a narrow isthmus that separates the Sechelt Inlet from the Salish Sea. To get to Sechelt, you must take a 40-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (and either drive, bike, or take transit along Highway 101 for the remainder of the way), travel via float plane, or navigate by boat.

Sunshine Coast is not as accessible, although there are buses travelling from ferry to nearby places, if you plan to go around, you will need a car. Either take a car with you, car pool or rent a car when you get there. It is not a place where you walk on door from one destination to another.


We had our breakfast at a lovely restaurant in the ground lobby of a hotel. The restaurant was facing the waterfront which was very relaxing place for breakfast. It was nothing fancy, but it has a cozy warm vibe that makes you feel at home. The servers and staff are very nice and attentive.

After the breakfast, we went on a quick walk by the water but we had to leave soon because it started raining. The weather was not as good as we hoped it would be and so we vowed to return on Summer to be able to do more outdoor activity.

Although it was a gloomy day and somewhat rainy, it was still a nice trip being able to visit out friends. The place was peaceful, it was a good change of scenery for a busy city downtown.

Hiking at Phar Lake/Wormy Lake

Despite the not so good weather, we decided to go for a hike at Phar Lake. We were thinking of just stopping by, just a short walk to get close to the water but we ended up doing a hike. The view was amazing, but the ground was wet and slippery which makes the hike a bit more stressful. I had to make sure every step I make is safe.

The view was amazing even during a gloomy day. It was peaceful as there are not a lot of people hiking. We saw few groups but not as much as when you do the hike during Summer.

Key thing to mention is to always wear a proper footwear when going for a hike. Regardless of the weather, it is always better to safe and sorry. Hiking shoes have better grip and helps prevent slipping. I got mine few years ago and I had always worn them for all the hikes that I did. Hiking shoes are worth the investment if you are into this kind of activity.

Gypsy, my friends dog was with us all through out our hike. Let me introduce you to Gypsy.

Meet Gypsy

Gypsy is the dog of our friend. She’s a border collie bread, very active and friendly and never shy away from people. She loves to play with the ball all the time and never seems to run out of energy. We often wonder where she gets her never ending supply of energy, I cannot keep up with her. She always go with us in most of our outdoor activity that allows pets. She was with us also when we did our boating activity. I have a separate post her in case you missed it.

We were hoping to reach the end of the look out but we turned by as it is getting late and we still need to have dinner before going into the BC Ferry back to Vancouver.

Dinner at Aqui es Mexico Restaurante

For dinner, we decided to for Mexican restaurant, Aqui es Mexican Restaurante. It was a small restaurant but seems to be famous in the area. There are not a lot of restaurants open because it was a weekend but we managed to find this. The interior of the restaurant was quite interesting, it was colorful and vibrant. The walls were painted like a mural wall, and it was done very artistically.

We ordered tacos, quesadillas, nachos, burritos and churros. The food was not as good as I hope it would be. I find it lacking in taste and flavor, but it was a meal that kept us full ready for our journey back to Vancouver. The weather was still not good, it was dark and raining. Definitely not a day to do anymore outdoor activity. It was time to head home.

ok, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do. Until my next adventure. Bye now!

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