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Welcome to Punta Fuego ♥

Today I’m taking you to Punta Fuego, a private resort located in Nasugbu Batangas, Philippines. After going to Boracay, we decided for a more relaxing, quiet and private vacation. This place is extremely the opposite of the lively Boracay but in a good way.  The resort is 2-3 hours away from Manila a good place for a short get away to escape the busy life in the city.

Club Punta Fuego

Punta Fuego

Club Punta Fuego

I’ve seen Punta Fuego couple of time before in my brother’s post. They love to travel like me and this is one place that they’ve visited several times. My attention was captured by the infinity pool of the resort and the fact that it is very private and quiet. I love beaches but only to walk and to watch sunset but not really to swim, although Boracay is an exception. How could someone resist the white sand and clear blue water of Boracay, I certainly was not able to. The location of the infinity pool was the main highlight of the resort. The location was perfect! It was an open space but instead of being surrounded by structures and buildings, it was facing the pristine and calm water of the sea. It was a perfect spot to watch sunset, and the view itself made the experience relaxing and calming. It was truly beautiful, just look at the view. Since the resort is exclusive to members only, the place was not crowded and so we were able to enjoy a relaxing swim. The lower pool is the adult pool, and the upper pool is the kids pool.

Sunset Watch at Punte Fuego

The architecture of the resort is not modern, more like mixed of Spanish and Mediterranean style which I find more interesting. Most of the facilities were designed in such a way that both the indoors and the outdoors are connected in some ways and have a touch of nature in it. The individual rooms or casitas each have a veranda or a terrace that overlook either the infinity pool with the magnificent view of the water or extends to the well manicured garden surrounding the casitas. The ground have a well manicured lawn, clear and clean path ways, and the open terrance have a lot of sitting area which is again over looking the water.

SweetNSpicyLiving Explores Punta Fuego

There is a short stairs at the back of the resort that lead to the beach. Although very clear and calm, I don’t find it comfortable for swimming. There are quiet a lot of rocks at the bottom, you have to go further back to have a smoother ground. Don’t worry, there is a huge area of white sandy beach at the Terrazas de Punta Fuego that is more suitable for swimming.

SweetNSpicyLiving Travels to Punta Fuego Nasugbu Batangas PhilipinesPunta Fuego Nasugbu Batangas Philippines

Lower Beach Pool at Club Punta Fuego

The lower beach pool is another huge pool in Club Punta Fuego. You can either drive there or take their shuttle, it’s not that far. We did not have a chance to use this pool, but I can imagine this is also a fantastic place to swim especially during sunset time.

Punta Fuego Nasugbu Batangas Philippines

Now let’s talk about food, vacation is not complete without food trip. There were several dining options within the Club Punta Fuego and in Terrazas de Punta Fuego. Since we are staying at the Club Punta Fuego, we had most of our breakfast and dinner at this resort. For the lunch, we had it at Cafe del Sol at Terrazas de Punat Fuego. Both area offers a different kind of experience and ambience but both provided a satisfying meal and nice over looking view.  The food are a mix of traditional Filipino cuisine but there are some non-traditional ones. We went for grilled foods platter for sharing, beef soup, pizza, pasta and more.

Club Punta Fuego Food

Terrazas de Punta Fuego

Punta Fuego

Terrazas de Punta Fuego is the sister resort of Club Punta Fuego. They are few minutes apart, about 30 minutes or so. This is also a huge hotel resort for exclusive members. This is where we had our lunch at Cafe del Sol. This is a beach front property and the highlight of the place is it’s huge Turtle Pool over looking the water, and it’s wide white sandy beach for swimming.

Punta FuegoTerrazas De Punta Fuego Beach

It was indeed a short and sweet vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I hope you enjoy our short trip. Until my next adventure, this is SweetNSpicyLiving, your travle buddy.

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