[VIDEO] Explore British Columbia – Squamish: One Fine Day at Sea To Sky

Welcome to Sea To Sky ♥♥♥

Sea To Sky Squamish British Columbia Canada

I got bored, went online, bought the ticket and here I am writing about my fun-filled and relax day at Sea To Sky at Squamish, Canada. This is the second time that I’ve visited this place, I went there almost the same time as last year, Summer. For me, Summer is the perfect time to go up there to fully appreciate the beauty of that place. Although I have to admit I am kind of curious how it will be up there during the winter, I imagine definitely cold and freezing. If I decide to go there, you will know for sure as it will be in my blog. Anyway, as I was saying Summer is the way time to visit this place so that you get the chance to walk around and hike and cross the suspension bridge as often as you like. I cannot remember how many times I crossed that bridged trying to capture different angles in video and in photos. But it was fun, not complaining at all, as long as there’s no crazy people who thinks jumping up and down in the hanging bridge is a good idea of fun. From time to time you encounter crazy people during your trip, sometimes they made the trip exciting and sometimes they made the trip annoying. Well, I guess the jumping up and down falls under the later. 

Sea To Sky Squamish BC Canada

I have a confession to make, I am afraid of heights, yeah I know it  sounds crazy because I was a thousand feet below and crossing back and fort in a 100m long suspension bridge. It’s funny what people can do for photos and videos. That would be me, although you don’t see me in any of my photo, I’m open to taking challenges just to get a good shot for my blog. Besides, I have to admit I enjoyed the experience, for me the key is just to enjoy the scenery and try not to think I am going to fall of the bridge while I am crossing. I’m not joking but sometimes crazy thinking like that happened to me in the most uncalled for moment. 

Sea To Sky

This second visit although the same place, gave me a totally different experience. I would say more relax in a lot of ways and at not at all rushed.  Have you seen the video? What do you think? Isn’t the place amazing?  My day started at 10:00 when we left from downtown Vancouver. It was a 45 minutes time and by 10:45 we were at the base of the Sea To Sky. I immediately went up to start my adventure. It was a little bit overcast and slightly chilly in the shades about 15F but it got better later in the day. I think it went up to around 20F but which was perfect. It was a long weekend so the place was quite busy, I’m got we got there earlier so I was able to get a good shot of the place while it’s still not crowded with people. 

The Gondola Ride

The 10 minutes gondola ride going up and down is one fun experience of doing the Sea To Sky. Even for someone like me who is afraid of heights, I was able to enjoy the ride up and down. The view was breathtaking, I even wished that the ride is longer so that I could have more time to appreciate the view.

Sea To Sky Gondola Ride

The Restaurant

Hungry? No problem! There is a restaurant at the top that serves full meals from burgers, to pasta, soup salad and more. The restaurant was quite big, but it really gets busy close to lunch time and during the afternoon. The lineup for the food was crazy long, so make sure to go there ahead of time to give yourself time to line up. There are a lot of sitting area but most people are going for the patio dining. I particularly like to eat outside to enjoy the view and to have a share of the sunny day. There are tables and chairs outside, and on the side there are extra benches with tables too. The food was fine, but nothing extra ordinary. They have the usual burger and fries which most people go for, they also have wraps and cold beverages.

Sea To Sky Restaurant

The Summit Lodge Viewing Deck

First stop was the Summit Lodge Viewing Deck, the main viewing platform that is close to the restaurant and the suspension bridge. This is the more crowded place where people gather up to take photos and selfies or just to hang around and admire the view while having a nice meal. I stayed most of the time in this area taking photos and videos, and of course eating. This is so far the most popular viewing point because you have the view of almost everything this place has to offer and the closest as soon as you disimbarked from the gondola. You have the water and mountain view, you can see the gondola going up and down, you can see the suspension bridge which is the main center of attraction, and you can also see the Chief Viewing Deck at the end of the bridge and best of all, the restaurant is close by.

Summit Lodge Viewing Deck Sea To Sky

The Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge

Now we get to the main attraction, the Suspension Bridge. I went to cross the bridge several times to take photo and videos. The bridge was very sturdy and stable but it still felt a little bit scary when it starts to swing and move as people walk. It was a little bit of a challenge to take the photo and video because the bridge was moving, so some of the shots are not as good as I want it to be, but they are decent enough to show in this post.

Sea To Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge SquamishSea To Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge Squamish BC

I was holding the side rails all the time that I was crossing the bridge, It felt like I am going to fall if I let go of the rails. I tried letting go couple of times to take better photo but it really freaked me out, so much for having fun. Also, a lot of people stop by at the middle to take photo, which is what I also did when I first visited the place. I’m glad I’m done with that, so I was able to focus on just taking photo and video for the blog. If you are thinking of getting selfie while crossing the bridge, don’t even go there. You don’t want to risk  your phone falling from the bridge you will end up with no photo at all. But the good  news is, people are smarter than you think and I never saw anyone doing it. Be smart and just ask somebody to take it, however beautiful this place, it is not worth loosing your phone.

The Spirit Viewing Platform

Second Stop, The Spirit Viewing Platform at the end of the suspension bridge. This viewing platform is a lot smaller than the main platform but it offers a slightly different angle of the mountain and water view. I like this spot to take a long shot of the main platform and the restaurant. This photo below was taken when I was crossing from the second platform to the main platform. You see how beautiful the restaurant and main platform from this angle.

The Spirit Viewing PlatformSpirit Viewing Platform Sea To Sky

Crossing back the suspension bridge from the Spirit Viewing Platform will give you the view of the Summit Viewing Platform and the Sea To Sky Restaurant

Sea To Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge

Picnic and Kids Area

Close to the second viewing platform is a very short trail “xx” that will lead back to the picnic and kids area. There are also some good spots here to take photos and to rest if you get tired. The picnic area is huge with some tables and benches around the area, and a good size kids play area too if you have kids that you want to keep entertained.

Sea To Sky Squamish

The Chief Overlook Viewing Platform

On to the Chief Overlook Viewing Platform. This will require about 20 minutes walking (one-way) to get to the viewing platform. It was an easy walk, but it will help if you are wearing a comfortable walking shoes. The road is not as even, there are some rocky spots and some branches lying around but it was a nice easy walk. There are also some good spots to take photos, the pathways are clearly marked and easy to follow. Even for someone like me who get lost in a straight direction, I managed to find the viewing area.

The Chief Overlook Viewing Platform

This viewing platform have a “wow” effect to me, and I think even to most people as well. I guess because it was very unexpected to find something like this in a slightly secluded place, especially after walking 20 minutes to find it. I sat in the bench while watching the view and I cannot helped but smile whenever I saw people coming in with their “amazed” expressions in their faces. Literally, people where saying “wow” as soon as they enter the area. It was the same experience for me even now that it was my second time. I guess it will be the same even if I go back here over and over again. The beauty of this place is truly breathtaking.

Chief Overlook Viewing Platform

The platform was even smaller than the first two, and as you can see, most people are crowding at the end of the platform because that is the best place to take photo. It was a challenge to get a chance to have a photo in this area, but it was worth it waiting for my turn.

Just at the right side of the viewing platform is another nice spot to take photograph. It was not as obvious as it was  slightly hidden with bushes. I missed this when I first went here and I was glad I saw I now. From this angle, you can see the platform hanging and the people standing on it with the back drop of the view.

The Chief Overlook Viewing Platform Sea To Sky

Last Stop, Shannon Falls Viewing Platform

I went down 1 hour before the departure so that I can still visit the Shannon Falls Viewing Platform. This is a very short easy hike, about 15 minutes from the back of the base of the gondola entrance. This was something that I was not able to do the first time I went here because I run out of time, so I made  sure that this time I will get the chance to do this. After walking 15 minutes, you will be greeted with the sight of the Shannon Falls right before your eyes, up close and personal. One word, “Amazing”! It will only take 30 minutes (round-trip) to see this viewing area, so have it in your itinerary and you will not regret it.

Shannon Falls

The day went by so fast and it was time to go home. Although this was my second visit, it was still fun and exciting, not to mention very relax. I had time to sit down and eat lunch, I had time to read my book, I had time to cross the bridge so many times, I had the time to visit the falls, and most importantly, I had the luxury of just taking my time to enjoy the view. No rush, just me enjoying a one fine day at Sea To Sky.

Sea To Sky Squamish

Thank You for visiting my website. I hope you had fun, until my next travel adventure. This is SweetNSpicyLiving, your travel buddy. Bye now!




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