15 Simply Apple Recipes for a Cozy, Comfy Fall Season

It is officially Fall season, and here in Vancouver I can definitely feel it. The color of the leaves are changing, leaves are down on the ground, the weather is cooler but most of all, more rainy days than sunny days. So instead of fighting it, I am embracing it. What better way to embrace it than with Fall baking. I have compiled 15 of my favorite Apple Recipes, these recipes kept me cozy and my tummy happy. From simple oatmeal recipes, too basic Apple filling, mini pie and tart, delicious crumb bars, unique french toast, and MORE. I made some videos for some of it, I hope you will have time to check them out. Let’s check these Apple recipes so you can decide which one will go into your Fall baking list.

Cinnamon Apple Filling

This Cinnamon Apple Filling is one of my most used Fall recipe. As simple as it is, this Apple filling made a lot of my Fall recipe absolutely delicious. I used it for pie, tart, french toast, oatmeal and to anything I can add it on.

Caramel Apple Crumb Bar

This buttery and creamy Apple Crumb Bar is a nice way to welcome fall with open arms. For someone who is very picky when it comes to Apple dessert, I can say this Apple Crumb Bar is so far the BEST Apple Crumb Bar. I wouldn’t mind making this anytime of the year, and I hope you’ll feel the same way too once you try it.

Apple Turnover

This Cinnamon Glaze Apple Turnover could not be more fitting to embrace Fall. Warm turnover filled with homemade Apple Filling, wrap in flaky buttery puff pastry and finished off by drizzling cinnamon glaze on top. What’s not to love? So before we dive into to the recipe, let us watch the short video that I made on how to make this Cinnamon Glaze Apple Turnover.

Baked Apple

If you are looking for a different and fun way to eat Apple, try this Baked Apple with Walnuts and Oats. It is soft and crunchy at the same time, and when served with vanilla ice cream on top, it becomes a warm and cold cozy comfort treat.

Apple Danish

This Apple Danish is just one way to enjoy fall. A simple homemade pastry made with flaky puff pastry, rolled and topped with homemade Apple filling and sweet tangy cream cheese. Enjoy bite is a reason to fall in love with Fall. Let me show you how you can make this at home. Let’s watch the short video.

Baked Apple Pie Oatmeal

This Baked Apple Pie Oatmeal is the perfect Fall breakfast that would keep you full, satisfied and begging for MORE! The oatmeal was cooked until creamy, then topped with homemade Apple filling along with walnut crumble topping then baked until the topping is perfectly browned and the oatmeal extra creamy. Who wouldn’t want a bowl of this delicious Baked Apple Pie Oatmeal?

Bite Size Apple Pie

Sometimes, mini’s are better than biggies 🙂 Like for the case of the apple pie. They are perfectly bite size, perfectly flaky and perfectly deliciously fall! So good 🙂 Let us watch how I made this Mini Apple Pie

Apple Hand Pie

Fall in Love with Fall with these flaky, buttery Apple Hand Pie. They may be small in size, but they surely delivered that delicious taste that you get from full size apple pie.

Apple Chips

Crispy and crunchy homemade 1 Ingredient Apple Chips is a healthy way to enjoy your chips. No sugar and no salt added, all fresh, natural and homemade. 

Apple Cinnamon Roll

The BEST Small Batch Cinnamon Apple Roll, 100% better than store-bought. It’s soft, fluffy and with a nice cinnamon and apple flavor topped with creamy Cream Cheese Frosting, heaven in

Cinnamon Apple Muffin

The best Muffins are the ones filled with dancing wonderful flavors inside and out, soft and warm inside while crunchy and sweet on the outside. I think I just described this Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffin.

Caramelized Apple Oatmeal

A warm bowl of Caramelized Apple Oatmeal to keep us going in the chilly weather of Fall Season. This oatmeal is screaming Fall with the generous topping of caramelized Apple. Fall is just getting started, so let us embrace and celebrate it.

Apple Crumble French Toast

Let me start by saying this is NOT your regular French toast, but in a very good delicious way. A French toast that was toasted on pan first, the finished off in the oven. The result is a crunchy toasty bread dipped in custard and topped with sliced cinnamon Apple. How does that sounds to you? Different, right? Not so traditional French toast, but exciting and delicious. So why not? Give this Apple Crumble French a try.

Apple and Broccoli Pasta

A simple pasta salad with amazing delicious flavor and texture, a nice sweet and creamy dressing and nice bits and pieces of steamed broccoli and chunks of delicious crunchy apple, meet my Apple and Broccoli Pasta.

Mini Caramel Apple Tart

This Mini Caramel Apple Tart is the way to go. Yes, they are small but trust me when I say they are packed with deliciousness in every bite. It is literally a bite size Apple Tart baked in mini muffin tin, with a base Homemade Pie Crust, filled with Homemade Apple Filling, topped with toasted pecans and drizzled with Homemade Caramel Sauce. How does that sound to you?

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