[VIDEO] The Viral Croissant Moon @Little Cafe, Vancouver BC

Is it worth the hype? That’s what I came here for at Little Cafe in an early Saturday morning. I had seen a lot of post of people raving about this Croissant. Definitely not the traditional Croissant 🥐 that we see in cafe, but I think that is what makes it interesting. The way that is was shape, it was rolled almost like Cinnamon Rolls but with the flaky buttery pastry dough instead of regular bread dough.

Apparently, this Croissant Moon (CROON) has been making people crazy not only here in Vancouver but also on New York, Paris and London. People are lining up in cafe just to get a piece of this Croissant. In Vancouver, the Little Cafe was the first one to offer this type of Croissant. They have only 5 different variations, not as much as the 3 other places I mentioned above. Well, I cannot be in any of those places now, so I am happy to take whatever we have here in BC.

(L-R) Mont Blanc, London Fog, Coffee (the one in the center last column)

Where is Little Cafe Located?

Little Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, right in the popular shopping district, Robson Street. The cafe itself stands for its name, it is really a small little cafe, you wouldn’t even notice it unless you are really looking for it. I guess this Croissants being viral helped them a lot for people to know their place.

The cafe is very simple, They have small counter that display the pastry and small seating area for people who like to dine-in. They serve pastry as well as sandwiches and beverages.

1258 Robson St, Vancouver, BC www.instagram.com/littlecafeonrobson

Sharing is caring, let us help small local business to thrive 🙂

What is CROON?

Croissant Moon, that what it is. It is a moon-shaped, cream stuffed croissant made popular by New York City’s Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery.

My Choice of Sandwich: Grilled Sourdough Melt

Cheddar and Swiss on 2 pieces of sourdough grilled in panini press until crisp (6.75CAD)

I like having a combination of sweet and savory breakfast so I started with a sourdough grilled cheese, not as interesting as the other options but I wanted something simple and not too filling, I have to save room for dessert, that’s a must. There was nothing special about this grilled cheese, the sourdough bread was nice my toasted, the cheese was ok, but not the best. I’ll probably try something else when I come back here, this is not something I will highly recommend. I have to mention though that you have an option to add bacon and/or avocado, that would make it a bit more appealing and hopefully tasty.

My Choice of Beverage: Pineapple Oat Latte

This one here is quite interesting in terms of flavor combination. This Pineapple Rosemary Oat Latte is something that I would recommend you try. This is an iced cold beverage juts so you know. It was an oat milk drink, no coffee flavor at all but it worked better for me. I have a subtle pineapple flavor which makes it a bit different. Not much of Rosemary though considering the name carry Rosemary in it. It only comes in one size which I find a bit small, I wished that made the cup a little bit more bigger, it wasn’t that cheap, 6.75CAD for a small drink.

Finally, Mont Blac (Chesnut) for the Croissant

Now let’s talk about the 🥐 Croissants, that is the whole point of this trip. Since I started working from home, going to downtown became an activity that I had to plan. It normally do my downtown trip during the weekend so that it is worth the trip, I can stay as long as I want without rushing. I like taking my time when dining in a restaurant wherever I am having a full meal or just a dessert. I call it my “Me Time”.

My initial plan was to get all 5 flavors, but that did not happen at all. When I got there around 10:00 AM there was nothing left, not a single thing I was told that the next batch will be coming out in about 5 minutes so decided to wait for it, make sense, right? I first ordered the grilled cheese and the oat latte while waiting for the rolled Croissant. I was sitting waiting for it and before I knew it, the line up extended outside. As soon as I saw the new batch came out, I lined up again. Guess what, there were only 3 people ahead of me, unfortunately one lady bought a lot and almost took the first batch. There was only 2 flavors left when it was my turn, the chocolate and the coffee. I opted to get the chocolate one. My plan was to line up again once they have the Matcha and London Fog out, which I want able to do because again line up never stops. So I settled for just 1 piece now, there will be next time. Let me give my 2 cents on this vital rolled croissant.

What Are the Variations?

They have Matcha, London Fog, Coffee, Mont Blac

Texture – When I first saw it, I had a doubt if this will have the same flakey buttery texture like a reshoot Croissant, but I was wrong. The pastry itself is flakey, creamy and buttery just like a regular croissant. Considering it is a bit more compact because the way it was shaped, it was still able to manage to have that flakey texture. The pastry feels light and you can see the layers when you peel it around. It was great, nailed it.

Taste – It tasted good, or I should say better than expected. My friend asked me which one I like better, the Japanese Croissant we tried at Hazukido or this one. I personally think, they are too different to be compared, I like both of them and the way that the regular croissant and the rolled croissant look and taste are different. They are both flakey and buttery, but somehow different in some areas.

Service – The staff was friendly and polite, overall the service was good. The service time was a bit slow because of the volume of people coming in and they only have 1 cash register and 1 barista. I guess this was because of space limitation.

Value for Money – This one is quite expensive, about 8CAD each, but it was worth the price. The quality was great, the pastry it leave up to the flaky standard of a croissant and the filling inside was very generous and delicious. It was creamy and not too sweet which makes it not too overwhelming even though there are a lot of filling inside.

So far I had a good delicious experience for this weekend food adventure. I would definitely go back again to try the other variations.

Thank you for stopping bye and reading this post. Until my next food adventure. This is SweetNSpicyliving now signing off. Bye now 😊.

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