Berry Picking at Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery, BC Canada

While we are doing great in the re-opening plan and heading back to an almost normal life, traveling outside the country or even the province is still something that I do not feel comfortable doing. I want to play it safe, so this entire year I decided to stay put and enjoy local attractions. That is just what I did with my friends this weekend.

I had been wanting to visit Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery since 3 years ago but never get the chance to do it. Thanks to my friends, we managed to visit it this year. I guess enjoying local attractions and food is a great thing and something that I would like to keep on doing even after I started traveling again. Enjoy local, support local.

Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery is a farm & vineyard with wine tastings, pick-your-own fields, a market selling produce grown on site. They grow Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackberry and visitors have an option to experience Berry picking themselves. For those who prefer an easier way to enjoy fresh Berries, they also sell pre-picked Berries in the market, fresh and some frozen ones too.

Waffles Only

Raspberry Waffle

They have a separate area just for the Waffles, you might asked why? Because they are to die for! The waffles are so soft inside while the outside and edges are crunchy. It is a simple waffle served with small amount of syrup and topped with generous amount of fresh Berries in season and a heaping tower of whipped cream.

When we visited, it was Raspberry toppings, and that amount of fresh Raspberry on top is ridiculous. It almost equivalent to 1 small pack of Raspberry sold in the market. Nobody ever looked at this waffles and did not drooled over it. It was a beautiful mouthwatering waffle to look at. Simple, and yet as a lot of people call it, the best waffle they have ever tasted. Well they are not wrong with that, it was indeed delicious, every bite of it.

I actually enjoyed standing waiting for our order while watching the never ending orders of waffles being served. The only thing that I would really love to have to seal the deal is some extra syrup, even if I have to pay for it. I always find Raspberry more tart than Blueberry and Strawberry 🍓 and for me it requires a bit more syrup to balance the tartness. I would really love to try Blueberry next tine

Waffle station

They have a long table set-up for all the waffle maker, and I noticed that the batter is on a dispenser, like a water jug dispenser. They use a small plastic cup 3/4 full to measure each piece of waffle. On the other side, they have the syrup and containers of fresh Berries. It was an efficient set-up, everything needed to make it is within reach.

We also ordered three mini Cinnamon Sugar donuts, and I have to say I like it too. It was more on the dense texture, but was a nice compliment to the waffle as it adds a bit of sweetness that I was hoping to get from more syrup.

The Market

They have a decent size market area where they sell their fresh and frozen products, baking equipment, jam, syrup plus a bakery that sells variety of calorie loaded delicious treats, the likes of thick fudge bar and donuts.

Ready to eat Fresh Berries Pie (23 CAD)

The one that caught most of my attention was the Berries Pie with a mound of tall Berries on top. It was such a delight too look at, but I guess that is the most that I will get. It was a huge serving of pie I am just happy looking at it.

The pie in a jar looks great too. The packaging was so pretty and it is re-usable too. This cost 9.95CAD which is not bad. I will definitely buy one if the line up was not that long. This Reminds me of my trifle in a jar recipe.

Along the sides of the market area are the standing freezer for the frozen products. From unbaked assortment of pie, ice cream, pizza, frozen Berries , beverage, perigee and even fresh eggs. I had my eyes set on the frozen roasted corn pizza but the line up for payment was ridiculously long, maybe next time.

They also sell a lot of jam and syrup, cute baking tools and souvenirs.

Look at the ceiling! Pie pans 🙂

I love how they design the baking section of the stores with the multi coloured hanging rolling pins and the pie pans attached in the ceiling. Even if I did not buy anything, it was worth visiting the Market.

This vintage oven looks so cool! My friend was explaining to me how it works and it may not be ad modern as what we have right now, but it was functional and every parts have each own purpose. the top drawer is a good warmer, the left side drawer is where you put the coal, the middle is the oven and the right drawer is like a sink to wash dishes.

I should mention that they also have a bakery section location right after the door entrance, you will be greeted with a sight on variety donuts, cookies and thick fudge bars, very tempting.

Saving the best for last, this freezer dedicated for ready to eat pies, both baked and pie in a jar. Just looking at this made me happy.

The Porch

The Porch is the area where they sell their other ready to eat products, the likes of corn pizza, shakes, smoothie, ice cream and fries. Orders are taken in the front porch, hence the name “The Porch”. I did not get the chance to take a photo of the Porch area, maybe next time when I visit again I will update this post.

The Porch

The Garden Bar

The Garden Bar

Although the seating area for the Garden Bar was open, the bar itself was till close. I love this section, the nice seating area plus the lush colourful garden. Just having a meal in that area made me feel I was on a vacation, a very short one.

Estate Winery

Close to where the Waffle area is a winery section. I did not get a chance to go inside since I don’t drink anyway, but maybe next time I’ll stop by just to check what they have there.


Berry picking and as I call “food trip@ is certainly the highlight of the trip. It was Blueberry and Raspberry time when we visited the place. They have 3 options in terms of the basket capacity that you can choose from. The smallest was 1L for 6CAD, followed by 4L for 19CAD and 8L for 45CAD. You can take your time picking, there is no time limit just make sure you are done before closing time.

There are separate area for Raspberry and separate area for Blueberry. If you want a large Blueberry area to pick, they have a free shuttle that runs every 20 minutes and it will take visitors to the other side of the farm that is only all Blueberry 🫐. We opted to stay where we are to save time. And I have to say it was the right decision. The Blueberry area was more than enough to fill our baskets and we get to pick Raspberry too, plus it saves a great deal of tine. Right after we are done picking, we head straight to the Market.

4L Basket

It was definitely a really fun day snd I wouldn’t mind doing it again before the Summer ends. Hopefully we can go back there on Aug to pick Strawberry 🍓. We were done at around 2:00pm but this is not where the activity stops. Our next stop was a hike at Crystal Falls, stay tuned for that.

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