[VIDEO] Here’s a Toast @Toast to Coast Brunch Bar

We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately, which is very much needed and we are thankful for that. But anything too much is not good, right? But still, we do not have flooding so that is a good thing. Just the usual gloomy rainy Vancouver days . It was almost 2 weeks of gloomy days, and the upcoming 2 weeks forecast was the same. At least that was as of yesterday (Fri) when I last check. Luckily, this morning when I woke up, the forecast change to sunny all day long. I gotta get out of the house and make the most of the day before we go back to rainy days again.

So today, what better way to start the day by having a nice breakfast. I am a breakfast person as I am an early riser. I’ve mentioned that quite a few times in my food trip escapades. My list of restaurants and cafe to visit had been getting longer and longer everyday, and we’re getting more and more risk everyday. Today is a treat, so I decided to check out the new brunch place that opened in Steveston Village, Toast to Coast Brunch Bar

Here’s a Toast @Toast to Coast Brunch Bar

Toast to Coast Brunch Bar is a Koren inspired brunch bar located at Steveston Village in British Columbia Canada. They serve a good selection of brunch selections that are beautifully plated. Were talking about Eggs Benedict, Waffles, Pancake, Toast, Rice Bowl and Burgers. They also serve hot and cold beverages, cocktails and freshly squeezed juices,


Steveston Village
#130 – 3760 Moncton Street
Richmond, BC V7E 3A6

Contact #: (604) 370-5550

Website: https://www.toasttocoast.ca/

Menu: Click HERE


It has a good cozy vibe, quite small though. They have few tables and chairs and some bar side dining. Because of the small space, the tables are quite close to each other, although they have some removable dividers on the table. The lighting was good, lots of natural light coming from the window and nice warm lights inside.

Taste as Good as it Looks

I am one of those people who appreciates a beautifully plated food. I often say we feast with our first even before we eat the food. Making food beautiful is very important to me, and I really appreciate the effort people put into making the food taste good and look beautiful.

I’ve research this place before visiting it, and I was truly impressed hy how beautiful the food looks. They look so beautiful that I did not have any second thoughts visiting this place. I was hoping that this will not be the case of the bad looks could be deceiving. I’ve been to some places where the food looks beautiful just to get disappointed after tasting it. So there’s more to making the food looks beautiful, it is a MUST to taste good too, non negotiable. Otherwise it will just be another case of Instagramable photo that taste horrible. No, No .

WKFC, Menu Best Seller

They have quite a lot of selections for brunch. From the usual Egg Benedict’s, Pancake, Waffles, Toast and Rice Bowl. Almost all their food looks amazing, but the server told me that the best seller in their menu is the Waffle Korean Fried Chicken, which it so happen is what I have my eye on even before coming here. I’ve gotta have that. I had been craving for a crispy, crunchy fried chicken on a waffle. So far, the Korean Fried Chicken I’ve tried in other places did not disappoint me, so I have high expectation for this one.

I have to say, the food taste as good as it looks. The chicken was perfectly crunchy and crispy, juicy and freshly cooked. What I appreciate the most about it is that it was not greasy although it was obviously deep fried. It was tasty, not too salty for my taste which is good. The waffle the cones with it is good too. Not as fluffy and thick as what I have in mind but it worked the way it was with the chicken. The dish came with sweet glaze sauce and few pieces of pickled vegetables. If there is one thing I would add to this, probably more pickled vegetables or some greens on the side. Maybe its just me, but I feel that vegetables are good pair for fried foods, it just makes the dish feel complete to me. But over all, even without this extra thing I have in mind, this WKFC is definitely something that that I will recommend.

Freshly squeezed, what could be better?

They have quite a lot of selections for beverages too. If you love coffee, you will be happy with their selections. They have both hot and cold drinks. I opted to get the freshly squeezed orange juice, pure nothing else added to it. It was perfect, every sip was worth it.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to this place and I would definitely come back again to try their other dishes. I have my eye on the rice bowls and pancakes. Stay tuned!

Thank You for taking the time to read this post and coming with me (virtually) in my food trip escapades. Until next time! Byeeee.

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