[VIDEO] Small Batch Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

This Vanilla Butterecream Frosting is one easy frosting to make. It’s simple and it’s very stable for use in cake decorations. Let’s see how this was made.

Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting at SweetNSPicyLiving.com

American Buttercream Frosting is my main go to frosting for my creations.I had to confess, it actually took me 3 tries before I got this right. It ‘s not because it is difficult to make, because among all other types of Buttercream frosting, this is the easiest one.

Simple Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

It took me 3 tries because I was trying to tweak it to reduce the sugar for a small batch. At the end , I got the sweetness and texture that I wanted, I am happy with the ratio that I got.

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Tips for a Soft & Fluffy Buttercream Frosting

  1. Room Temperature Butter: Don’t ignore this simple reminder as this is very important to achieving a fluffy texture. A soft butter (not melting) whip better, so it gets lighter and fluffier from accumulating air during the beating process. Air in the butter means light texture.
  2. Don’t shortcut the Creaming Process: Yes, no shortcut please even if you are in a hurry. The butter needs to be creamed properly, and proper means waiting for it change in light color and soft fluffy texture. Pay attention to the change of butter color. It could take more or 5 minutes depending on the mixer and the speed you are using.
  3. Whipped Cream (Liquid form NOT already whipped cream):  Buttercream frosting tend to be thick and sweeter than any other frosting and that’s part of its nature because of the confectioners sugar. If you reduce the sugar to too less or you add too much sugar, you will not get the light fluffy texture. It should be a balance between sugar and butter and what works for me is 1 1/4 cup sugar to 1/2 cup butter. I’ve tried to cut the sugar lower and it did not give me the texture I’m looking for, it’s too soft to hold for piping. To thin out the butter, use whipping cream for a lighter fluffier texture. Whipping cream when beaten becomes fluffy and airy, just like a whipped cream frosting. This will make the buttercream frosting lighter. If you don’t have cream, then milk full fat milk is the next best option, although milk doesn’t whip as  much as cream, or not at all.

That’s it! 3 simple tips for a successful buttercream frosting! Let’s put it to use.


  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter (room temperature)
  • 1 1/4 cup Icing/Confectioners Sugar (sifted)
  • 2-3 tbsp whipping cream/milk – If you have whipping cream (liquid form in a box NOT the already whipped cream in a tub or can) , that is the better option for a fluffier texture f the frosting
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract


  1. Cream the butter: In a stand mixer or hand mixer, cream softened butter until it becomes fluffy about 5 minutes or until it becomes light in color and soft and fluffy in texture. Creaming it properly is a crucial step so take your time and pay close attention to the change of color in the butter before adding the sugar.
  2. Add icing sugar and mix until it gets a  smooth texture (approximately 8-10 minutes). Add pure vanilla extract.
  3. Add whipping cream: Gradually add whipping cream (1 tbsp at a time) and continue whipping another 3-5 minutes until soft and fluffy. Be careful when adding liquid as too much liquid could make the frosting soft which is not good especially if you want to use it to make decorative piping designs. Stop as soon as the texture is soft and pipepable. When you spoon it and turn the spoon upside down, the frosting should cling to the spoon and not slide down.
  4. Storage: Keep in the refrigerator. When ready to use, let stand in room temperature until consistency is soft enough for spreading or piping. Stir or whip for 1 minute to restore smooth texture and remove bubbles/air that may have form.

This batch could frost 10 – 12 regular size cupcakes, and 8-9 inch round cake (single layer only)

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Simple Vanilla Buttercream Frosting at SweetNSPicyLiving.com

This recipe is a good base to use if you want to add flavoring such as coffee, fruit compote, fruit zest and more. I used this same base to make my Cappuccino Buttercream Frosting and it turned out pretty well.

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8 replies »

    • Yes. You can test it if you want by piping a small decorative design (like a flower or swirl) and you should have a smooth edge finish (no breaking) and a shape the holds still. For two layer cake, you may need more than 1 batch of frosting if you are doing a thick coating with center filling and other outside decorations.


  1. I made this for the first time tonight as I’m looking for a buttercream type frosting that isn’t too sweet. I want to frost cherry chip cupcakes with it and I want the cake to be the focal point. The only problem that I had is it too soft to pipe anything. I only had heavy whipping cream. Do you think that might have caused my problem? I followed your instructions very closely. I have stock the frosting in the fridge to see if it will stiffen up. Other than being too soft to hold any kind of shape the frosting is really good. Creamy texture and not to sugary.


    • Hi Kristin,
      Sorry to hear that. Did you use whipping cream in a box (liquid) or the already whipped cream (in a tub or can)? Sometimes the later can make the frosting softer. Secondly, did you noticed the consistency of the frosting after adding and mixing the sugar? At that stage, the frosting should be stiff and stable already, if it is too soft at that stage, the butter could be too soft. The addition of whipping cream is just to thin out the frosting, you can stop at 2 tbsp or even 1 if you already have the consistency that you like. In my case, I often use 2-3 to get the consistency in the video. My suggestion to salvage what you already have, try to add more sugar to make it stiff but it will be sweeter. If you decide to make it again, check closely the consistency after you add and mix the sugar, that stage will give you the idea if the frosting will hold or not, and add gradually the whipping cream starting with 1 tbsp then monitor the consistency. Then only add 1 tbsp at a time IF needed to thin it out but still in pipepable consistency. I hope it works with you next time if you decide to give it a try again.


      • I’ll be trying it again as my coworkers thought it was amazing. I ended up putting it in the fridge overnight, then let it sit out for a little bit and then had them try it. 🙂 my butter might have been too soft. How long do you normally let yours sit out to become room temp? I read somewhere to take it out an hr before you start the recipe.


      • Depends on the season, during Summer sometimes 30 – 45 minutes is more than enough, but on colder season about 1 hour. Normally, I test it by pushing my fingers on it, If my fingers push down easily without extra force and it creates a dent, then it is soft enough. I also watch out for any melting, if I see a little melting or it starts to get greasy, then I had it softened too much. The humidity and temperature in the area where you leave it greatly affects how fast it softens. Check at 45 minutes to be safe. Hope this helps. I’ll be interested to know how your second attempt goes.


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