Spring in Vandusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC

Welcome to Vandusen Botanical Garden ♥

Location: 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1, Canada
Website: Vandusen Botanical Garden
Hours of operation: Open 7 days a week. Click here for the schedule
Entrance Fee: Yes. Click here for the rates

Spring in Vandusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC

Vandusen Botanical Garden is one of my favorite in Vancouver, Canada. The place is huge and they have plenty of unique and beautiful plants and flowers depending on the season. There is always something to see all year round, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. During Spring there are Vintage Car Show, Sakura Japanese Festival and Cherry Blossom Festival. Even during winter, they have something going on in this place, the Festival of Lights, a must see during Christmas season. If you want to have a glimpse of the place during winter, check out my Festival of Lights at Vandusen Garden post. You will be mesmerized with the different colors of lights display in this place.

Van Dusen Spring

Spring is the time when this place is bursting with the most beautiful flowers. A very good time to visit and enjoy the place, although Spring is just the beginning. This place has a lot in store whole year round.

Vandusen Botanical Garden

The place is well maintained, and the paths are clearly marked so you will not get lost. I love that there are a lot of benches and chairs scattered around the area. Most of them are located in a very nice spots where people can sit and rest while enjoying the beauty of surroundings. I have found my favorite spots in this garden, walk with me as I show you around. 

Vandusen Botanical Garden

First stop, Golden Rain (Laburnum) Tree area. This area is close to the Rose Garden. This is my favorite place to visit during Spring. Walking in the pathway with the Golden Rain Tree made me feel I am in a different world. It looks like a fairytale land with all those pretty yellow flowers hanging down the trees and slowly swaying while the wind blows. For me, this section in the garden alone is worth visiting this place, It was truly an amazing sight to see.

Vandusen Botanical Garden

The garden also have several wooden bridges where you can sit and relax. This one here is my favorite. There is so much nature and it feels like I am in a forest.

Vandusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC

This one here is another nice spot. The sound of the water and the birds chirping is very relaxing and peaceful. 


I cannot help to take photo of these trees. They are so beautiful and the way that it blend with the plants in the pond is a nice sight to see.

Vandusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC

One of my favorite founatin area. It has the combination of water, plants and flowers around the area. I stayed a little bit longer in this area, just sitting on the bench and watching the water fountain.


This is the far view of the wooden bridge I mentioned above. It looks even nice seeing it in the middle of all the green trees and plants.


They also have the Elizabethan Hedge Maze, a nice addition to the area. Don’t expect an elaborate, long and winding maze, because this one is a simple short one. Kids love them.

Vandusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC

Hungry? No problem. They have two restaurants in site. The Truffles which is a more informal and relax restaurant and The Shaughnessy (2nd photo below) if you want something more formal and fancy.

18835708_10209750347177767_1664654918987593179_nThey also have small souvenir shop in the entrance lobby where you can buy keepsakes to remind you of your visit.


This is the ceiling in the entrance of the lobby area. I love the design, it is very artistic and native style.


This place is perfect for nature lovers and for people who like to walk around in a quiet place, like me. I get to enjoy walking around without having to rush myself. The place is peaceful and not crowded.


I can stop by and admire the scenery, or just sit on the bench and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, watch people pass by or write a draft for my blog just like what I am doing now.

Vandusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC


I wouldn’t get tired of visiting this place every year. So when you are in Vancouver and looking for a relax place to enjoy your day, come and visit Vandusen Botanical Garden. 


Vandusen Botanical Garden is located at 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1 Canada


Thank You for walking withe me. Until my next adventure. This is SweetNSpicy your travel buddy!

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