[VIDEO] 15 Video Cookie Tutorials for Quick & Simple Dessert

Hi Guys! So how was our bread tutorials last week? Have you made any of the 10 homemade bread recipes that I shared last week? If you haven’t seen that post or you want to revisit it, click this link HERE, I will also leave the link at the end of this post.

This week, I am sharing with you more compilations of video tutorial, this time around we are going to drool over a variety of cookies. Yes, this week is all about cookies. Cookies makes things better, it makes life sweeter, it makes our kitchen smells heavenly, cookies make us feel good, all the time. We are need cheering up and this is a great baking activity to do with your family. Kids love cookies, adults love cookies, we all love cookies maybe just different kind of cookies. I have here xx cookie recipes, all with video so you can easily imagine how it looks like, plus watching a video recipe for me is a far better way to motivate us to actually make it. Let’s get started! 

Before we jump into the recipes, let us take few minutes to understand Cookie comes in different size, shapes and ingredients just like any baked goods. They are typically (but not limited to) made of flour, egg, sugar and some amount of shortening like butter or oil. Some cookies are baked and there are some that are no bake. 

8 Type of Cookies

  • Bar Cookies
  • Drop Cookies
  • Fried Cookies
  • Molded Cookies
  • No Bake Cookies
  • Ice Box Cookies
  • Rolled Cookies
  • Sandwich Cookies

Interesting Cookie Facts:

  • The earliest cookies date back to 7th century AD Persia (now Iran)
  • Cookies spread in Europe through Muslim conquest of Spain
  • Cookies came to America through Dutch in New Amsterdam in the late 1620s
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented by accident by Ruth Graves Wakefield and chef Sue Brides in 1938. Ruth run out of Baker’s chocolate while making a cookie and substituted it with  chopped Nestle bar which did not melt as she expected. The chopped chocolate softened only and retained its  shape, and so chunks of chocolate was seen in the cookie, and hence Chocolate Chip Cookie was born
  • Fortune Cookie did not originate from China. It was actually an American invention that originated in California.
  • The largest chocolate chip cookie measured 754 square meters (8,120 ft). It weighs 40,000 lbs and had a diameter of 30.7 meters (101 ft). It was made by immaculate Baking Company in Flat Rock, North Carolina on May 17th 2003
How to store cookie properly so they last longer

Tips in Store Cookies

  • Let cookies cool completely before storing in any container
  • Use the right container to store cookies, air tight containers are the best fo storage
  • Some cookies are not best friends, know which one you can store together. Do bot store crispy crunchy cookies with soft cookies as thi will make the crispy cookies soft
  • Different flavor, different container: Don’t mix and match cookies with different flavors. Cookies that have strong flavoring like ginger, mint, cinnamon etc. should not be mixed together as they can interfere and absorb each others flavor
  • Freeze them! The longer solution for big batch cookies

If you want more details on How to Store Cookies, check out the seprate post that I have in my website.

RedVelt Cookie Dough

How to Freeze Cookies

Sadly, not all cookies are meant for freezing. But the good news is, there are quite a lot of the cookies that are good candidate for freezing and they are to common one the most people bake.

  • Drop Cookies: The top in my list and the most often that I make are the once categorized as drop cookies. Drop cookies are the likes of Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies. Basically, cookies that uses plenty of fats or butter are good for freezing.
  • Ice Box or Slice and Bake Cookies:  These are cookies that are rolled in log shaped and cut before baking, like the Pinwheel Cookie. It is best to freeze the cookie dough shape, but uncut. Wrap the cookie dough with plastic wrap and store in ziplock bag.
  • Shortbread Cookies:  If we are talking about cookies that uses plenty of fats or butter, that means Shortbread Cookies are in the list for freezing. It’s basically butter, sugar and flour.
  • Cookie Cutter Cookies: The likes of Sugar Cookies are also good for freezing. Cut and shape as desired before freezing.
  • Sugar Coated Cookies: The likes of Peanut Butter Cookies (shown in the photo) or Snicker Doodles or Cinnamon Cookies are also good for freezing. Freeze the individually shape cookie dough but do NOT roll it in sugar. When you are ready to bake, thaw for about 30 minutes then rolled in sugar.

If you want to know more about How to Freeze Cookies, check out a separate post that I have for this topic.

Matcha Glazed Shortbread Cookie

This Match Glazed Shortbread Cookie has a smooth, creamy and buttery texture plus a heavenly white chocolate matcha glazed on top. Yes, it is over the top sinfully delicious just like my other Shortbread cookie recipes. Shortbread cookie is one of my favorite cookie of all time. For me, nothing beats a simple satisfying cookie that always comes out perfect. There’s no hit and miss here, what you see is what you get. .

Gluten Free & Flourless Almond Cookies

This Almond Cookie is 100% gluten free, easy to make and uses only very few ingredients, 8 actually. Great for everyday cookie, holiday cookie or if you celebrate or have a friend celebrating Chinese New Year, this is a nice cookie to serve for dessert

Lemon Ricotta Cookie

This Lemon Ricotta Cookie is simply the BEST! It’s thick, super soft with just the right level of sweetness and amazing lemon flavor. It’s refreshing and just delicious in every bite.

Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles is one of my life’s simple pleasure, call me shallow but this cookie really makes me feel better, every single bite of it. This is so easy to make, with simple ingredients and easy to follow steps. A great for cookie “emergency chocolate craving”

Cinnamon Palmier Cookie

Palmier Cookie or Elephant Ears Cookies as some people call it are crunchy puff pastry sweet cookie rolled, cut and baked until perfectly crispy.

No Bake Pistachio Fruit and Nuts Chocolate Bar

Crazy busy days calls for simple , easy and no bake chocolate bar like this Pistachio Fruit and Nuts Chocolate Bar. With this bar, busy day is not an excuse not to make it. It is so simple and easy to make. Let’s watch the video.

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookie

Smooth and creamy Shortbread Cookie dipped in a decadent melted dark chocolate. This Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookie is a treat in ever bite. Shortbread cookie is one of my favorite cookie for a lot of reason. This delicious buttery cookie is such an easy cookie to make and never failed to make people fall in love with it.

Vanilla Madeleine Cookie

This Madeleine Cookie Recipe is a soft light cookie with slightly crunchy shell, so good I can eat all this in one seating.

Easter Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

This Skillet Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookie is a good way to kickoff your Easter baking planning. It’s adorable, cute and it’s a HUGE chocolate chip cookie baked in skillet and decorated with my delicious Real Raspberry Buttercream Whipped Frosting.   

Brookie (Cookie Brownie)

A two in one treat, this cookie is a mashed up between soft cookie and a fudgy brownie. Welcome to the world of ultimate chocolate goodness! Brookie or Brownie Cookie is soft, moist, fudgy and loaded with real melted chocolate. Every bite is truly an amazing double treat..

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

This adorable and delicious Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons is easy to make with only 5 ingredients. Checkout the video on how I made this.

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you love chocolate chip cookie like I do, and you like Nutella like I do, then welcome to the best Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie. You are in for a treat today. Let’s watch the video to see how I made it.

Classic Shortbread Cookie

Easy and simple Shortbread Cookie, it’s buttery, creamy and simply delicious. Once you try this recipe, you wouldn’t be looking for other shortbread recipe, because this is so far the BEST simple shortbread recipe. Watch how I made this cookie

Ube (Purple Yam) Cookie

You are going to love me big time when you try this cookie! It’s insanely soft, smooth with a very nice purple yam flavor. To top all that, every single bite of this Purple Yam Crinkle cookie melts in your mouth. Oh dear, I cannot express how happy I was to how this cookie turned out. 

Nutella Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

This decadent Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie is one simple easy dessert and elegant looking dessert that was baked in a skillet cast iron pan. It’s so sinfully delicious you will be begging for more, and you can make it anytime no special preparation needed

I have more cookie recipes HERE, check it out!

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