[VIDEO] a Cozy Neighborhood Cafe @Wicked Cafe & Bakery , Vancouver BC

It’s Sunday once again, my favorite day of the week. You know what this means? It’s time for food trip! Today I am taking you with me in my breakfast escapade at this quaint cozy neighborhood cafe 🍵 location on Vancouver.

Today is a bit cold and overcast but still not a bad day to go out for a breakfast. Woke up 7:00am today and did my usual Sunday morning routine. At 9:00am I started heading out to explore this neighborhood cafe in Vancouver that have this unique cube Croissant that people are going crazy about.

If you’ve seen my previous food trip escapade, you probably know by now that I love Croissants, I don’t think I even have to explain why. It’s a buttery flakey pastry that is literally a party in your mouth in every bite. That’s what butter does to pastry and you 🙂 Every time I saw someone posting a unique croissant, I knew I had to find and try it. So that’s what I did with this cube croissant. This food trip is all about finding this cube croissant and see for myself if it taste as good as it looks. Let’s go and start our Sunday food trip!

How I Found This Hidden Neighborhood Cafe

One word .. Instagram:) I came to know about this place from someone who posted a reel about this cube croissant. The reel/video was short as expected, but as short as it maybe, it actually peaked my curiosity. Just the way the cube croissant was torn open to revel the thick and creamy matcha filling inside is so satisfying to watch. I have to experience it myself, I have to try it. So I researched about Wicked Cafe, where it is located, products they offer and review of people who have tried it.

Where is Wicked Cafe Located?

Wicked Cafe & Bakery is located in West 7th Avenue in Vancouver, about 12 minutes from the heart of downtown via public transit or 6 minutes driving. This cafe is more of a neighborhood cafe, small but a cozy place to hang out and chill while you have a bite to eat.

Address: 1399 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1B8

Sharing is caring, let us help small local business to thrive 🙂

Wicked Cafe & Bakery, Your Quaint Cozy Neighborhood Cafe

Wicked Cafe & Bakery

Wicked Cafe & Bakery is a small neighborhood bakery in West 7th a Vancouver. It is a hidden cafe that probably people would only know of if you leave near the area, or passing by while in the area. It is small and from the outside it is not something that will immediately get your attention. In fact, the facade and interior of the cafe is a bit old looking, almost like a barn cafe style.

The Ambiance

Wicked Cafe & Bakery

The inside though small was quite cozy. It is one of those cafe that gives a community vibe, nothing fancy but it feels homey. The way that the inside was decorated feels like you are inside a home. Lots of hanging plants in the ceiling, although artificial or made the place cozy. There were unique and colorful artwork hanging in the wall, small trinkets, display items on the table and shelves, literally like a house.

Wicked Cafe & Bakery

I got there at around 10:am, the place was still quiet. There were few people inside, and a lot of seats available. I was lucky to get a good seat by the window, al to myself. At around 11:00 AM, the place started getting busier and before I knew it, all seats were occupied and people are lining up. It pays to be early.

Wicked Cafe & Bakery

One thing I love about small neighborhood cafe like this is not only that it feels homey, but I do not feel rushed to finish eating. I was able to take my time and enjoy a relaxing time while writing this post. Quite a lot of people were hanging out and chilling, there was a group that was already there when I came in and was still there when I left.

Wicked Cafe & Bakery

The Service

Superb!! The staff were very polite and attentive. I like how they greet people when they enter and we’re very patient and quick in taking orders. The lady who got my order was so nice, she made great suggestions and recommendations and even approached me when the item I was hoping to get was ready. I was thinking of getting the Cream Cheese Leeks Bun but it was all gone when I got there. She told me the next batch will be out in 10 – 15 minutes. She walked to my table and told me that the buns were out in the rack cooling. Unfortunately, I did not end up getting one. This cube croissant ended up to be massive, good for 2 people. But … I finished it by myself, it just took awhile …

Wicked Cafe & Bakery

The Menu

Wicked Cafe serves a variety of hot and cold beverages, bread and pastry. The Matcha Cube Croissant is a new item in their menu and really getting people’s attention (me included). This is actually the main reason why I visited this place. People also love the cream puffs the cute Tom & Jerry cheese cake, the adorable Wicked Strawberry Pot and Cinnamon Buns. They also have a lot of savory selection, from buns, wraps, sandwiches, scones and more. I came for the Matcha Cube Croissant and ended up wanting to try more. I really want to try the Leeks Cream Cheese Buns as this is like the Korean Garlic Bread that I made several times already.If you missed that post, check out the video HERE

Matcha Cube Croissant (8.00CAD)

Let’s get to the more important thing when was the reason I visited this place. The Matcha Cube Croissant 🙂

My first impression and thought when I saw this in Instagram was that this is not a Croissant, not a tiny bit in terms of what a real Croissant is. The shape itself was not a traditional croissant 🥐, it was a cube shape about 4.5 x 4.5 in size. I was definitely right when I saw it in person, it was not a croissant I just thought I’ll get that out first to set the expectation. It would not be fair to compare this to croissant and so I will be sharing my feedback based on what it really is, a cube bread, again not as a croissant.

Texture – This reminds me of the shokupan that I bought months ago. Shokupan is basically a type of bread pan that comes with a cover so the bread comes out perfectly square or rectangular. The bread 🍞 of this “Cube Croissant” is exactly like that, it looks exactly like the one that I made before. The texture of the bread is chewier than regular loaf bread, a bit more bubbly, not smooth at all. The sides are nicely browned which is the effect you get when you use the shokupan. Although the bread texture is not as soft and fluffy as dinner rolls or burger buns, I think the texture was perfect for the intent to fill it with Strawberry jam and matcha custard cream. The interior did not get soggy because it was not as soft and spongy to absorb the filling

Taste – I actually liked it. The bread was nice, it holds the shape and was not soggy from the amount of filling inside. The Matcha Custard Cream was perfect! It was thick, creamy with just the right amount of matcha flavor. Nothing overwhelming, nothing bitter, just perfection. What I love most about it is that the creaminess of the custard and it was not too sweet at all. Perfect sweetness for a custard filling. There was a small amount of Strawberry jam inside which I hoped they made a bit more. But nonetheless, I enjoyed every bite of this cube bread and would highly recommend it to those who like or love matcha flavored pastry and bread.

Value for Money – the price of their food and beverages were almost the same as other cafe. I would say it was reasonable for the serving portion and size. 20CAD will go along way for one person. My order was 14 CAD which was way too much for me. The cube bread was enough for 2 to share. Lattes were priced between 4.00CAD – 6.50CAD. Deserts were around 3:50CAD- 7.50CAD and sandwiches and wrap were around 10:00CAD – 13:00CAD. For 20CAD, you can get a drink, a savory and sweet items.

Service: Amazing! The staff are very friendly and attentive. The service was fast too. This is one thing I like about small cafe, the vibe is very friendly and welcoming.

My Choice of Beverage: Matcha Vanilla Latte (4.95CAD)

The cafe serve both hot and cold beverages but they are quite famous and visited for their hot lattes. I ordered Matcha Vanilla Latte which I found really nice. It was beautifully prepared and it taste delicious. I like matcha flavored drinks and pastry but I like it mild and lightly sweetened. I was told that the matcha lattes are pure and unsweetened and the lady offered to add vanilla syrup to sweeten it. I also requested to have it extra hot as that’s how I like my hot drinks, really hot. The matcha latte was enjoyable to drink, it was creamy, lightly sweetened and I did not get the bitter grassy taste that matcha drinks sometimes have. I love the rustic cups, saucers and plate they use to serve the food. It looks rugged, but stunning and beatiful.

I had a nice time visiting this place. I felt relaxed and never rushed. I would definitely go back here to try the savory pastry and more of the sweet treats. I am thinking the cream puffs which at lot of were people are highly recommending. Oh, that cream cheese leeks buns too and maybe some wraps?? Hmmm .. we shall see. A girl can can only eat so much 🙂 One treat at a time.

Thank you for stopping bye and reading this post. Until my next food adventure. This is SweetNSpicyLiving signing off. Bye now 😊.

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