Explore British Columbia – Vancouver: Enchant Christmas Lights Maze and Market

Welcome to Enchant Christmas Lights and Maze!♥


I am very excited to share with you my experience in this amazing and mesmerizing place. Let’s get started!


This is the main entrance. The entrance itself is elegantly decorated with those huge fully lighted reindeer. I had to wait for few minutes to be able to get the opportunity to take a photo without people blocking the area.


This is the huge reindeer in the main entrance. Isn’t beautiful?  This is just the start, wait till you see the other reindeer inside the light maze. But before we go to the maze,  let’s go inside and check what they have for us in the market area.

Food truck! These are just some of the food truck, although there’s not a lot of them unlike the Vancouver Christmas Market. They are good enough to keep you warm and stuff while you go around the maze.


It can get really cold at night, good thing they have fire pit and heated lamp-post to keep people warm.


A lot of people gather here, it could get crowded sometimes. This is where I stood while eating my food while drinking my tea.


They also have Eatery tent where you can sit and enjoy your meal, a lot warmer and more comfortable. This is also the area where they sell drinks and do story telling performance for the kids.


After eating, it’s time to do the fun part. Let’s go inside the maze and find Santa’s reindeer! This is the main entrance to the lights maze. Once people enter, the attendants give them the stamp card. They have the 9 raindeers Dancer, Rudolf, Francer, Donner, Comet, Vixen, Cupid, Blitzen and Dasher scattered everywhere in the maze and you have to find them to get a stamp in the card.

There is someone assigned in every reindeer who will stamp your card and you go around until you complete all. Then you get to submit your completed card to qualify for a raffle draw. It was so much fun looking for them. I found them all! Let me introduce you to them.

Hover over the photo to see the description

The idea was brilliant, it made the experience more fun and exciting. Let me show you what’s inside and what I saw while I looked for these reindeer. First stop, one of the most crowded area, the lighted tunnel. You can probably guess why this is crowded, it’s so beautiful!


It’s really difficult to get a photo here as there are so many people. Everybody wanted to capture the beauty of this lighted tunnel.


You have to patiently wait and be quick to snap the photo when people start to leave. I got few good shots here, but I still cannot get enough of it.


Moving on to my next favorite spot, I call it the magical forest.


These trees are so mesmerizing! Every where I look, there are lighted trees that reflects in the side mirrors of the walls.


I love this spot as it also gives you a glimpse of the giant Christmas tree ahead.


Next, let’s go see where Rudolf is hiding. I bet that area will be crowded too!


There you are. We found Rudolf the red nose reindeer! 1 stamp for me.


I love the giant icicles surrounding this area, truly magical, it was as if I am in a different world.


Everywhere I look, people are taking photos, me included.


You must have noticed the huge Christmas tree in most of the photos, that area is one of my favorite one too. It’s about time we go see that huge Christmas tree.


Wohooo!!!! Look at that! There’s a reindeer inside! Good thing it’s not one of Santa’s lost raindeer. The Christmas tree is so big, I feel so small looking at it. This is getting better and better. Now, let’s go see more lights!


The hanging lights area. I cannot decide where to begin taking the photo. The hanging lights made a really night effect, and as you can see, people are going crazy taking photos. The side of the walls are mirror, the light reflects and bounce making the area looks bigger that it actually is.


You can also see the huge Christmas tree and giant icicles from here, which made this area even more beautiful.


It seems everything here is giant. Here is another one, Giant Snowflakes!


The giant Christmas tree is so big you can see it almost from every where.


I had to take a closeup photo of this Snowflakes, they are just so beautiful.


last stop, we have to find Santa sleigh, there has to be one.


Here we go! Santa’s sleigh has its own corner. There’s a bit of a line up for taking photos, and the volunteers are kind enough to take the photo for you.


I had so much fun visiting this Light Maze and I would definitely go back here again next year. I hope you enjoyed the tour. I am hoping they will have this next year again. If you happen to be in Vancouver next year, check this place out, I highly recommend it! Happy Holidays to you wherever you are. Until my next adventure. This is SweetnSpicy your travel buddy!

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