Bike Ride @West Dyke, Richmond BC

It has been more than one year since I went out biking, I remember last year when COVID-19 started and lock down was it in place, biking and hiking are the only two outdoor activities they kept me sane 😀. These are the two activities that I looked forward too, but as soon as Summer ends, and Fall starts, my hibernation starts until end of Spring.

Summer started few weeks ago and it was HOT. We had a record breaking heat wave in BC it reached to 42C for some places, something that is very unusual. Where I am it reached 38 at some point. I cannot remember the last time I had to used an umbrella just going to the mall that is only 15 minutes walk away. Our normal temperature in Summer is between 20 – 25C, anything past that is more than usual. For some people, it is a treat and for some, it’s time to cranked up the air-conditioner.

So far we are back to our usual Summer temperature, and it is also time for me to go back doing some outdoor activities, starting with biking. We have our July 1 Canada Day Holiday and I was off 4 days, today is the last day of my short vacation so I decided to make the most of it and start early.

West Dyke Biking Trail Richmond BC

This is a perfect opportunity for me to test the new bike that I got, see how it feels for a long ride. I decided to do my favorite bike ride route, West Dyke which ends in Steveston Village. The ride is a short ride, about 15 km round trip. I love this route because it is very quite and not busy even more in early morning like this. The best part of it, there is a dedicated bike lane going there and a shared lane for walking and biking. Totally no other public vehicles inside. Since I am not an experience biker, this is the perfect relax route for me.

I started my ride at 7:00am, packed my breakfast and started riding. From the entrance of West Dyke, it is 5km to Garry Point Park, my favorite place to watch sunset. This photo here was taken few months ago.

Garry Point Park, Steveston Village

I started walking my bike as soon as I enter Steveston Village so I can take photos. This here is Pajos, popular fish and chips place in Steveston Village. Some say they are the best in the area, but I personally think they’re ok, but not something I would call great, but it was a good food. I buy it from time to time but not often.

Just few steps away is Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf area, this is where you can buy fresh catch seafood, definitely cheaper compared when buying it in the grocery or markets. Plus it is really fresh catch for the day. They sell a lot of things in the wharf, from tuna, halibut, spit shrimp, crab, even sea urchins!

Fisherman's Wharf at Steveston Village, Richmond BC

All the stores are still close this time, you can see how quite it is. It is a totally different vibe come noon and evening. This place is packed with people, enjoying a leisurely walk and fresh catch seafood in their favorite restaurants and food truck. Check out my Steveston Village post to see the difference. I’ve written a separate post before both for West Dyke and Steveston Village, video included.

Steveston Village

There are very few cafe and restaurants open as early as 7:30am so I often bring my own snack. There are few coffee shops though if I really want to stop and get something but I just prefer to bring my own. This is favorite spot to sit and eat, and write this blog post. After finishing my snack, I decided to move on and head to shipyard to capture few photos to share with you.

Steveston Richmond

Britannia Shipyard is another place where I like to stop by when I do my bike ride. It is a historic place, you can probably tell just by looking at the buildings. I also have a more detailed post with video about this place, if you have time, check it out HERE. I also left the link at the end of this post. It is an eight acre park that used to be a community of boatyards, canneries, residences and stores. Today, it is now the City of Richmond’s most important industrial heritage resource.

That’s about it. I have more details of the places I had mentioned in this blog, all the links are at the end of this post. Some even have videos. So if you have time, check them out. Thank You for taking time to read this post. Until my next adventure. Bye!

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