Hike to Crystal Falls, BC Canada

I had never done so much hiking and outdoor activities since COVID a started. COVID will always be a horrible memory to relieve but if there is something good that COVID did to me, is that it encourages me more to explore local, be on the outdoor and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and they don’t always cost money and sometimes they are even free

Hiking, running, biking and gardening are the outdoor activities that kept me sane, I wouldn’t know how I would have survived the lockdown and isolation without these activities. So whenever there is an opportunity to do any of these activities, I am all for it.

This post is actually a continuation of my Berry Picking at Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery post. We did both on the same day, first the Berry picking, followed by a hike and a delicious Persian dinner to end the day

Where is Crystal Falls located?

Crystal Falls is located east of Coquitlam, BC Canada. It is a scenic waterfalls that drains into the Coquitlam river. It can be reached by private or public transit, a very easy, scenic and relaxing hike.

  • Difficulty- Easy
  • Duration – 1 1/2 round trip
  • Elevation- minimal
  • Distance – 7km round trip

After we finished our Berry picking, we immediately head to to this hike. I really like this hike because it was so easy, and easy was the only thing I can take after an exhausting fun Berry picking activity. The hike path was mostly shaded by the large trees 🌳 which is a huge deal since it was really a hot day.

Good thing, aside from being an easy hike, it was only 7km round trip which is great. The pathways are not always flat, sometimes with large pebbles, or tree roots but it was totally manageable. When they say it was way, it was really easy.

The trees were so tall and huge and the bushes are so lush and green. It was cooler inside because of the shades of these trees and bushes. I like looking up the trees, following the long trunk and staring at the sky above. I feel so small standing in the middle. I feel lucky that I am able to experience this simple pleasure of life that some people may not even have a chance to experience for themselves.

COVID-19 definitely made me more appreciative of people, things and nature around me. Sometimes the best things in life are free, we just don’t see it because we are distracted by our modern way of living.

We had back for dinner after the hike. It was an exhausting fun day, what better way to end it than with food. We ate at a Persian restaurant, and the food was amazing! Persian, Mediterranean and Indian food are one of my favourite, so full of flavor. I ordered my favorite Lamb Shank, it was so tender and packed with flavour from the herbs and spices.

Lamb Shank
Shislik or Grilled Lamb Chops
Vaziri or Chicken and Beef Skewers

After the dinner, time to head back home. It was truly a fun filled day and it would not had been possible without my friends, I call them my “Foodies” group. Thank You and looking forward to more fun activities with all of you.

Thank You for talking tine to read my post. Until my next adventure. Bye now! ☀️💕

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