[VIDEO] the BEST Katsu in Town@ Katsu San

Let’s have something more filling to eat today, and maybe (just maybe) some dessert later. That’s juts me wishing I will still have space to eat dessert after having this dinner.

I do a lot of home cooking for my everyday meals. I strongly believe that home cook meals are not only budget friendly but also better (most times). I can choose and customize the ingredients that I want to to use and adjust the taste to my preference. During a good weather, I’ll probably eat out with friends or by myself about 3-4 times a month and most of the gloomy rainy and snowy days, I stay home and cook my own meals.

Although I am a strong supporter of home cook meals, sometimes it is good to treat ourselves by eating out and not having to think of what to cook for lunch or dinner. I go out mostly for breakfast or brunch on weekends, rarely for dinner. This is what makes this post unusual for me.

Today I am taking you with me to Katsu San, a Japanese restaurant that specializes in Katsu, or breaded meat, seafoods and cheese! Yez, I said cheese. That’s the main reason I visited this place, for the Cheese Katsu. Think of it as deep fried breaded cheese, it does sound delicious and bad at the same time, right?! Right! But I am not doing this everyday, so I’ll have this day as a treat day.

I do not do deep fry dishes at home. I just do not like the idea of using too much oil to cook my food. So if I have a craving for something deep fried, which happens once in awhile, I would rather eat out. It doesn’t take out the fact that it is still deep fried, but it’s a mind thing. As long as I do not do it myself and I do not see it being cook and swimming in oil, I can live with that, at least just for 1 meal.

As always, I found this place though Instagram. I saw someone posting about this place, and the Cheese Katsu definitely made me decide to go find this place. Luckily, this restaurant happens to be accessible and close to my place and so I went and had my dinner here.

Katsu San

Katsu San is a Japanese Restaurant in Richmond British Columbia that specializes in breaded cutlet or Katsu. They specialize in pork cutlet which has been cured for 62 hrs to maximize taste and juiciness. They pride themselves for that as well for the homemade light breading for the cutlets. All the Katsu San’s sauces were proudly house made too.

Although they specialize in pork cutlet, they also serve Chicken, Cheese and Ebi/Prawn Katsu, as well as ramen.

I was hoping to do lunch or brunch, but they only open 12 -3:30PM then 5:00 – 8:30 PM. I had been doing a lot of weekend cleaning and I completely did not notice the time, so dinner instead.

I got there earlier than expected and had to wait for 30 minutes. Not a problem at all, that’s when I used the time to start writing this post. I would usually write the post in between eating and hanging out, but this place have a maximum of 1 hr per table because it was very busy.

The Ambiance

The restaurant was quite small, which makes sense why they limit the stay for only 1 hr per table. They only have 9 tables, 6 of which are seating for 2 and 3 are seating for 4 – 6. When I got there, I was the first one waiting outside and by the time they open, there was already a lineup. There were only 3 tables left not occupied and it only took few more minutes before the entire place was packed with people. It is a nice and homey place, but nothing fancy.

The Menu

As I’m ‘mentioned earlier, this place specializes in Katsu or Cutlet and ramen. They offer set menu which gives option to try variety of Katsu. I got the Katsu San’s Assorted Chicken Cutlet cones with the Chicken Katsu, Shrimp Katsu (like tempura) and Cheese Katsu. It also comes with shredded cabbage, soup, rice and assortment of condiments and seasonings. It’s a fun platter to see on your table, and even more fun eating it. Let’s dig in and let me show you how it looks like.

My Choice of Katsu – Katsu San’s Assorted Chicken Katsu Set (24.00 CAD)

I wanted to try a variety of items so I opted to get this set. The set meal consist of half serving of chicken Katsu, 1 piece Ebi Katsu and 2 pieces Cheese Katsu, rice, miso soup, shredded cabbage, 3 types of dipping sauce, wasabi and seasonings and vegetable pickles. This set is what I call a real full meal. The only thing missing here is dessert. But then again, in some way I am thankful it did not come with dessert because I was really stuffed after eating all this food. It might not look a lot for some people, but for me this is a LOT of food for a meal. Not that I am complaining, I love the generous serving portion, makes the price worth it.

The Chicken Katsu

Everything on this plate taste amazing! The chicken Katsu was thick and juicy, not to mention quite large portion too for half the serving. I was really surprise on how generous the serving portion. I mean look at that chicken, it’s so thick!! I love how it was juts perfectly cook. The meat was still tender and juicy and not dry which is a common problem for chicken Katsu.

The Cheese Katsu

The Cheese Katsu tasted so good! The exterior was super crispy and crunchy while the inside was so soft and melting. I had to eat this first while it was hot. There’s nothing like enjoying a melting cheese while it is hot. It was truly delicious!

The Ebi Katsu/Prawn Tempura

I saved the best for last. All the items in this plate were amazing, but for someone who is obsessed with Prawn Tempura, this is hands down my favorite among the three. A lot of restaurant use the term “Prawn” but often ended up disappointing me because it was not really a prawn but a shrimp. This one here is the real deal. It was huge! It was soft and juicy, it was delicious. This is everything that I want in my Ebi Katsu.

The best thing that I love about all these 3 items was that the breading was so light, crispy and crunchy. The dish itself although deep fried was not oily at all. I did not feel that overwhelming feeling of loaded with oil after eating a deep fried meal. The bread crumbs was homemade and is one thing that they are very proud of. Even the Katsu San sauces were made in-house too. The meat was so juicy, tender and flavorful. The meat was marinated for 62 hrs to fully maximize the taste and juiciness (their words, not mine)

The Service

The service was great and quick. The servers were very nice and attentive. I was seated at 5:00 PM and they immediately took the order. The order was served in xx minutes.

Value for Money

Considering how expensive it is to eat out now, I find this place offers a good value for your money. The price was reasonable for the serving portion of the food. I wanted to try different Katsu so ordered the set which cost 24CAD. The meal it really a complete set enough to keep me full and satisfied. I enjoyed my visit at this place and highly recommend the place for anyone looking for a good place to have Katsu. This is definitely a place that I would go back again when I have a craving for cutlets.

Overall, I had a fun and delicious experience at this place and I highly recommend that you visit this if you happen to be in the area. The food was fantastic, the serving portion was generous, the service was great and the price was reasonable. What else could I ask for? I’ll definitely go back to this place again. For, I’ll be signing off. Until my next food trip adventure. Byeeeee 😊

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