[VIDEO] Explore BC Canada: Fall at Trout Lake (John Hendry Park)

It has been raining almost non stop these past few days. Fall brings a lot of rain in Vancouver, I guess that is why some people call Vancouver as “Raincouver”. When you live here long enough, you will eventually get used to it, but that doesn’t mean I will stop hoping that we could have longer Summer days. I miss the fun in the sun, but I want to embrace Fall season as well as it is here to stay, at least for few months.

Just few days ago, I was happily exploring and enjoying the park, and now I am back hibernating at home. While I am writing this, it is raining and cold. I have my tea besides me to keep me warm and cozy, so all is good. I thought I would share something different for a change. Nothing baking and cooking related, but something also interesting (at least for me it is). Let us step out for awhile and let me show you around on where I was going enjoying the colors of Fall.

Fall 2021 at Trout Lake Park  Vancouver BC

What’s there to like about Fall?

Let it FALL! Hi guys, are you ready for Fall? I know I sound excited because I am. I love Summer more than anything else, but we have to give all the season some TLC (Tender Loving Care) right? They all have their own lovable qualities, although Fall is the start of rainy and gloomy days in Vancouver, there are still a lot of reasons to like  Fall. Just to mention few of them.

  • I don’t feel guilty staying home doing nothing, Fall is a good excuse to “binge-watch” my favorite TV series in Netflix.
  • Fall is a great time to stay at home and bake more.
  • Fall is a good reason to sleep more, oh those gloomy rainy days.
  • Fall Season, soup season. Yeah, I don’t make as much soup as much as I make them during Fall.
  • Oh Pies! Yea, Fall is the season for good warm pies, like my favorite Cinnamon Glazed Apple Turnover Pie. So warm and delicious
  • Fall brings out the best colors of  the changing leaves. I’m a sucker for colors, I like bright colorful things, and Fall is one season that I love when it comes to colors.
  • Fall photography, I’m truly in love with it and I can’t wait to explore and capture beautiful photos to share with you.
  • Fall means more homemade bread for me. I’m thinking it’s the cold weather that motivates me to make more homemade bread. I love the smell of freshly baked bread especially during cold rainy days.
  • Hot Chocolates! I shouldn’t, but when its cold, I cannot resist making Hot Chocolate at home. No guilt, well because its cold 🙂
  • Fall and Winter season is the time where I accomplished more of my blog to do list. Nothing to do outdoors, I am making the most of my time working on my blog and video
Fall 2021 at Trout Lake Park

One of the charisma of Fall season is the beautiful colors it gave the surrounding, not to mention of course all the pie, stew, soup and hot drinks that are all lining up for us to try. Although travel restrictions has been lifted, I had decided to stay put and not go anywhere this year. I would like to take this opportunity to revisit and explore local attractions This Trout Lake Park is one of them

John Hendry Park Canada

I decided to take a day off to do some personal stuff, that gives me the time to do what I needed to do and relax. I’ve been seeing a lot of Fall places recommendations on Facebook and Instagram lately. You know the likes of best places to watch the Fall colors, and one of the recommended place was this Trout Lake Park, and so I decided to pay this place a visit.

John Hendry Park Vancouver BC Canada

About Trout Lake Park

Trout Lake Park or John Hendry Park is a 27 acres Park in Vancouver city. Locals refer to it as Trout Lake because of the lake itself being the largest feature. It is located at Located at 2100 block East 19th Avenue just off of Victoria Drive. This 27 acres park have soccer and baseball field, concession stands, picnic area, biking, walking and jogging trails, playground, dog off-leash area, swimming area, basketball and tennis court. The park is accessible with public transportation.

John Hendry Park Vancouver BC

Visiting this place re-enforces that it is really Fall season now. The ground are covered with different colors of leaves, the trees are lined up with blazing red leaves, the lake was so calm and the ice cream was so good!

Fall at John Hendry Park

The ice cream statement doesn’t belong there, but I have the urge to still mention it because I was really happy to have my ice cream even when it was a bit cold. It’s never too cold for an ice cream in the park even during Fall.

John Hendry Park Vancouver

I went there around 4:00pm and left before 6:00. The park was not as busy but there are few number of people walking around, but mostly taking photos. The red leaves are my favorite, I cannot get enough of them. I never thought I would love seeing dried leaves on the ground, but Fall dried leaves are truly beautiful. It doesn’t matter how they fall or if they are scattered around, they look beautiful to. It was like an art leaves on the ground. I stayed about 1 hr as it was getting cold already, I left when it started getting dark. That day was a very productive day for me, I finished all the items on my to do list and went home feeling accomplished and relax. Photography is one thing that I love the most on top of baking and cooking. For me, all the 4 seasons offers great opportunity for photography, just differently.

Trout Lake Park Vancouver BC Canada

I stepped outside and looked around
The leaves are falling, the sun is gone ..
Where is the sun, is Summer done?
I walked and walked, and saw more leaves on the ground
No sight of sun only more leaves on the ground,

it’s time to embrace Fall and welcome it with open arms

Trout Lake Park Vancouver BC

ok, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do. Until my next adventure. Bye now!

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