Today I had the chance to stop by and visit a lavender farm close and to where I live. I needed to get out of the house and I had this in my to do list this Summer so why not do it now. I thought Monday will be better so there will be less people visiting, plus it was not a hot day today. It was cooler and a bit overcast but with frequent visit from the sun. I would say the perfect day for a flower farm visit.

I’ve never been in a Lavander farm before so I did not know what to expect. I was hoping to see a spread of purple Lavander and a nice gentle smell that I love. So the question is did I get to experience any of this?

It was a lazy day when I visited the place. Even the cashier told me that it was a good day for a visit because it was not too hot and there is almost no people inside. It was true indeed, there were only 5 of us inside the farm, which for me was great. I am still being careful and not comfortable going in crowded places

I walked in and bought my ticket for the sunset session, that’s what they call the visit from 6-9 pm. The ticket price was 15CAD and good for 2 hrs.

Right after the ticket area which is inside the shop, I head straight to the farm entrance In which I passed the building where they extract and process lavender. I was greeted with the huge open standing frame which I believe is a spot for taking photos. It make it looks look like you are inside a frame. At the back is the view of the lavender.

The area is huge, about 7 acres. I went there mid August. The flowers are almost ending already so I did not get to experience what I was hoping to see, a wide array of vivid lavender flowers. There are still some left but the field did not look as vibrant purple. I think it would had been better to visit end of July to early August to see it at its peak of bloom. I was surprised that I did not smell any of the Lavender scent I was hoping for. Not sure maybe because it was near the end and the flowers were starting to dry down.

I walked the entire area and took photos, I was able to capture some good ones. There are different kind of Lavender but some are not yet in full bloom, while others are almost ending. There’s so many bees hoping from one flower to another. I got stung 3x in my arm but noticed it only the following day. It was so painful!

At the other side of the farm, there was a beautiful garden filled with colorful flowers and small man made pond and falls. I walked a bit in that area, took and took some photos for leaving.

It took me about 1 hr to finish the visit as there is really nothing much to see there. It was good visiting the place but I don’t think this will be something that I will go for a visit again next time.

Thank You for joining me in my visit to Lavanderland. Until my next adventure. Bye now!

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