[VIDEO] Anytime Breakfast @Perfecto Cafe

Today is a beautiful sunny and cold Sunday. It was almost like we are back to the peak of Winter , although technically it is still Winter. The temperature low is at -5 when I left in the morning. That’s quite cold from the usual temperature that we had been having lately. But the cold weather did not stopped me from going out and enjoying this beautiful day. When it is sunny, regardless of the temperature, I have to go out.

I started my usual Sunday morning at 7:00am and I was at Perfecto Cafe at around 10:30 AM which is my usual breakfast time during Sunday. One thing I like about going early to a cafe on a weekend is that most places are not yet crowded until 11:00 AM – 12:00. I like the quietness of the place. It is very relaxing.

Perfecto Cafe

Perfecto Cafe is located in the Downtown area of Vancouver. The location is close to the Canada Line Train station which makes it accessible even if you do not drive. I’ve been in the same street several times before but I never paid attention to this cafe. From the outside, it doesn’t look anything special, in fact I wouldn’t have visited this place if I did not see someone post about this in Instagram.

The Ambiance

I actually like the place. It was not as big, but not as small as neighborhood cafe. It was a bit modern, cozy, well lighted and clean (that’s important). They are comfortable sitting area, both dining sitting and bar sitting.

The Living Wall Art

I have to say something about this living wall plants. They’re absolutely beautiful, too beautiful to be true. They almost look like artificial at the first glance. They had to put a note on the side to not touch the wall as the plants are alive. I wouldn’t have know. It if I did not look closer and I did not see the note on the side.

The Menu

One thing I love about this cafe is that they have variety of option to choose from. From hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, pastries, bread, cookies and gelato! Any cafe that offers gelato along with pastries and drink, I’m all for it.

Customized Latte Art

How amazing is that!! I’ve always mesmerized when I look at peoples photo of the lattes that they ordered. The art work was impressive, I cannot even wrap my head on how they do it. Next time I’ll probably go back to get a latte with customized art on top. I ordered Hot Chocolate and although it was simple, the alert work was beautiful.

But First, Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker and you love latte, you will enjoy this place. This place is best known for their lattes more than anything else.

But the Pastries are Amazing too!

Chocolate Fruit Custard Danish

Let’s start with a reverse order and start with dessert. They have a lot of options to choose from, they all look tempting but I can only get 1. I decided to get the Chocolate Custard Danish because I am a lover of anything with custard. So far, this Danish is the only one they have that is filled with custard.

It was a good choice, I could not be any happier.. The pastry was light and flaky, the fruits were a combination of fresh and preserved, the shaved almonds adds crunch and the melted chocolate covering the top made it decadent. The best part was always the custard for me. It was smooth, creamy and not too sweet at all. Just how I describe a perfect custard. They also have this without chocolate, which it seems most people prefer. But for me, I have to have a touch of chocolate in my pastry and this Danish tick the box.

Now the Turkey and Brie with Pear Sandwich

I often like to have a savory item and a sweet item. They have good options for sandwich and savory pastry. I decided to get something that I wouldn’t normally make at home. I was initially thinking of getting Croissant but croissant are something that I can easily prepare at home. So I decided to go for Turkey and Brie with Pear Sandwich. It was .. ok but not great. I like extra toasted bread but I feel that this got overly toasted so it was a bit hard to bite. The sandwich itself was not as flavorful as I hope it would be. Would I order this again? Probt not. They have other options that I am keen to try.

Bottoms Up!

I ordered small hot chocolate. The serving portion was just perfect, and the art work was very nice. Probably not as impressive as the art works for latte for me this is beautiful. A good hot chocolate for has a nice strong, decadent chocolate flavor. You know that kind of hot chocolate that you can really feel you are drinking good quality melted chocolate? That’s what I look for my hot chocolate. Having said that, this was a bit way not there. It was ok, but it lack the chocolate taste a long to taste in a hot chocolate.

The Service

It was quite good. The staff we’re all very professional and attentive and the service was quick I did not have to wait long to get my order.

Value for Money

I would say it was reasonable, basically similar to most cafe in downtown Vancouver.

Overall, I like this place and I am keen to try a lot of their offerings. Definitely, when the weathers gets better, I have to go back try the gelato along with the other pastries I had been eyeing when I was there.

Thank You for spending time reading this post. Until my next food trip adventure. Byeeee ❤️

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