[VIDEO] Explore BC Canada: Moon and Back Gallery, Vancouver’s First Mirror Light Rooms!


I want to take this opportunity to greet each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas!! It has been a challenging year but we all made it! Kudos to all of us. I know for sure that a lot of us had been on a baking spree this past few days. Holidays are a great time to for sharing homemade treats and for family gathering. But today I am not sharing any baking or cooking post. I’m pretty sure all of you had been working like crazy preparing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Today is the day for all of us just to chill, relax and enjoy all the fruits of our labor. Whatever you are having and whoever you are sharing it with, enjoy every moment of it.

Today I am taking you out of the kitchen! I am going to share my experience visiting lights installation gallery .. Moon and Back! I prepared a short video, please take some time to watch it for better appreciation. The photos I took were amazing but nothing beats seeing the lights change colors and move.

Moon and Back Gallery is a lights instillation display located in Richmond, British Columbia. It features 16 different lights instillation in separate rooms/area.

FUN ,FUN, FUN! IS that enough to express that I had so much fun visiting this gallery? I enjoyed every minute of my visit in this gallery. Every room has different them, and every theme gives a different experience. The instillation are truly mesmerizing, the colors, patterns , the movement are so much fun to watch. I felt like a kid again being in this place.

What I like about this place is that each group are given time to be in the rook just by themselves. This avoids the crowed, makes it better to take photos and videos without too much people reflecting the mirrors. We had the room all to ourselves in every room that we visited. The only thing thing is that the allocated tine is only 5 minutes per room which is not enough if you have a big group taking turns to take photo. They wanted to keep the visiting session per group to maximum 1 hr only so they limit the visit per room to 5 minutes. It is not consistent though, sometimes some group took more than 5 minutes inside and it make sense if there are more people in the group. They do have staff that check on some rooms to remind people of the time, especially if there is line up outside. I think visiting on a week day is a better strategy this way there are less people so you can stay longer in the room.

There are 16 lights instillation, and although most of them are quite fascinating, I have my top 3 favorite are which are also the most busy room in the gallery.

This is my most favorite instillation, the tunnel. The photo and video looks great, but seeing it in person is way more than mesmerizing than seeing it In photo and video. It’s the way the theme, images and lights changed and fades that makes it stunning to watch. This do the list visited instillation with quite a line-up.

My second favorite is this room, it feels like being surrounded by starts wherever I look. The mirrors all-around reflects the tiny colored lights wherever I look.

Now this bubble room another one of my favorite room, the 3rd in my list. It looks like a galaxy will balls hanging around.

Now this runway with spikes and diamond shaped walls and ceiling is a stunning installation too. It is not as big as the 2nd and 3rd item in my list but it is difficult to ignore it. Just look at how the lights change and bounce on the floor and walls, feels like being is a disco!

The art wall as I call it is a favorite of many for taking selfies. Love the playful funky colorful background.

The 3D room is quite fascinating too. I like the black and white theme in the room, super nice to have photo taken here.

The flower runway is nice instillation too. Simple but fancy looking. I wished they ate real flower though.

Cha Time!! This is the first room that we checked. We had a lot of fun taking turns having our photo taken in hanging chair.

Just beside this room is the room my friends call my room 🙂 because it is red! It is an illusion room, love it.

In the same room as this is the upside down instillation. This one is quite cool!

The photo booth and the angel wings are good spot for taking photos too. Strike a pose!

ok, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do. Until my next adventure. Bye now!

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