How to Store Cookies Properly So They Last Longer

Have you collected enough cookies over the holidays? I have quite a lot of cookies sitting in my kitchen counter (a heavenly sight to see, not complaining at all). Most of them were leftovers from the ones that I made as give away for friends. That’s what happened when I went crazy making cookies like there’s no more tomorrow, but not regrets  at all. I love giving DIY Holiday Edible Gifts, and I wouldn’t mind receiving the same thing either just because []

Let it Roll! 6 Amazing Swiss Roll Cakes for the Holidays

Featured Video – Classic Chocolate Ganache All the recipes in the playlist are available in my website under “Frosting” Super decadent and super easy chocolate frosting, checkout the video now. Enjoy! Let’s get you rolling with these Swiss Roll Cakes ♥ I failed big time the first time I made chocolate swiss roll cake. I followed all the steps, measured the ingredients correctly and yet my swiss roll turned out to be a disaster. What does disaster means in swiss roll? Cracks []