Mango & Coconut Overnight Oats

Mango is one of Summer delicious treat that I cannot simply resist. This Mango and Coconut Overnight Oats is a breakfast or snack that I always look forward to eating. Not only that it is so easy and convenient to make, but also taste great. I always think you cannot go wrong with Mango, and when you combine it with Coconut, it turns into something worth waking up for.

Small Batch M &M Cookie

This almost bite size (or two) M&M Cookie is just perfect for everyday, even more for the up coming Holiday. They are soft and chewy, with crunchy side and soft center, plus a vibrant attractive pop of different colors from M&M candy. Such a delicious sight to see on your counter top or inside pouch. Cookie in my pouch? Why not! I saw this M &M Dark Chocolate and I couldn’t resist trying it. They came up with other variations (aside from []

How to Freeze Cookie Dough (Baked and Unbaked)

Cookie anytime you want it, isn’t that comforting? Because making 24 – 36 pieces of cookie is too much, it doesn’t mean that it should hold me back from making them especially during holiday season. Holiday season is the perfect season to bake as much cookies as I like, they are my favorite DIY holiday gifts. I couldn’t be happier that my favorite cookies to bake are great for freezing, bake or unbaked. Freezing cookie dough is one of the brilliant idea []

Pinwheel Cookie Tutorial

This Pinwheel Cookie taste as good as it looks. A spiral cookie, alternating chocolate and vanilla cookie dough that was rolled into a log, cut and baked until almost the edge is golden brown. This Pinwheel cookie is one of the my favorite cookie to make during the Holiday season. It looks so elegant and beautiful, perfect for packaging and gifting. It takes more work that the usual chocolate chip cookie or short bread cookie, but once you are able to make []